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‘In A Heartbeat’: Four Minutes of Beautifully Animated Gay Representation

August 1, 20172 min read

On July 31 the amazing short film by two animators at the Ringling College of Art and Design was released. The production follows a closeted queer boy who, literally, follows his heart and goes after the boy of his dreams.

Originally starting on Kickstarter, the idea made an incredible $14,000, surpassing its initial goal of $3,000!

The short film was teased with a trailer and previews, and once released had a giant audience that skyrocketed ‘In A Heartbeat’ to success. Within 24 hours of its release, beautiful fan art, cosplay, and fanfiction have emerged. Holding a Trending spot on Youtube and over 3.5 million views, creators Beth David and Esteban Bravo are “completely floored” by the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

A lot of people have been yearning to see this kind of relationship portrayed not only in media but in animation. People are very excited, and a lot of LGBT people who needed this kind of representation finally see themselves represented, and that inspires them.

– Esteban Bravo

Even without any dialogue in the short at all, ‘In A Heartbeat’ melted the hearts of countless individuals, including mine. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I was delighted to watch the romance play out as naturally as it did. In an age where LGBTQ+ content is typically censored and dubbed as too taboo for children, this film brought out the core of love that happens between young boys every day in schools worldwide. I am very glad this short has received such an incredible response, and I hope that similar works are to follow.

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