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Inclus Models Is the Platform For Diverse Models That We All Need

August 29, 20183 min read

Inclus Models is a platform created by La’Shaunae Steward “exclusively for unsigned models who don’t start at 5’8 and don’t end at a size 18”. This Instagram account was created to help plus size models get noticed by modeling agencies. Though expanding, the plus size modeling world is still very limited and only showcases models that are tall and don’t go past a size 18. Being short and over a size 18, La’Shaunae has found it extremely difficult to get signed to a modeling agency and has been rejected by over 100 modeling agencies so far. She knows the struggles of models that do not fit society’s standards of beauty and wanted to help their dreams come true with this platform.

This platform is so important because it creates a better opportunity for representation of a diverse set of people in the modeling world. Just as it is important to have diversity in television and film, the modeling world is no different. If people saw models that look like themselves in magazines or on the runway it would bring inspiration and a feeling of finally being seen. We are so used to seeing the same thin and tall models, and if the models are curvy they are only curvy in the “right” places.

With this platform La’Shaunae strives to showcase models of all colors and with all features, Being a darkskin black girl herself has hindered her chances at getting signed to a modeling agency, as the modelling world shows a preference for lightskin models with Eurocentric features. This platform is to show that all bodies are beautiful and that anyone can be a model, no matter what they look like.

Inclus Models has quickly started to gain a large following and many submissions from models looking to break into the fashion industry. In each post, the model’s dream modeling agencies are tagged in hopes of them seeing it. This platform is a safe space for plus size people to share their modeling work and get their names out there. It can be intimidating submitting to agencies directly because of the fear of rejection, but this platform makes it easier.

La’Shaunae is accepting rolling submissions, all you have to do to be featured is follow the instructions on the Inclus Models account. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to break into the modeling world. Hopefully this platform will lead to a diverse array of models getting signed and turning the modeling world into a more inclusive space.

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