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Logan Paul’s Apology Doesn’t Make Up For His Actions

January 2, 20185 min read


I assume that by now, we all know that Team 10 was all over the internet this past year with their gigantic house and their drama-full lives. The group came into the spotlight when their first drama emerged after Jake Paul kicked his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, out of the house in February of last year. It was a twist of who-said-what and after that drama was solved, the group kind of started to take over. Their first diss track came out on June 2nd where Jake criticized Alissa. As expected, the diss track was disliked by many. Of course, Alissa came back at them and exposed them on June 8th. The next month their neighbours came on the news to tell the internet that Team 10 was making their lives a living hell. Jake Paul was also called out multiple times for making xenophobic comments and was also exposed for being a bully.

After all this, it’s no surprise that the Paul Brothers are a problematic duo. After diss tracks and neighbour complaints and girlfriend dramas, it was honestly expected that the YouTubers came back with something dramatic.

After posting a vlog exploring the Suicide Forest in Japan, where he filmed a body of someone who died from suicide and receiving thousands of insults, the North American YouTuber posted an apology on his Twitter. In the apology, he starts by making the situation about himself, saying he’s never faced this much criticism because he made a mistake. Then he proceeds by saying he didn’t do it for the views, he did it because he thought he “could make a positive ripple on the internet”. He said his only intention was to raise awareness for suicide and he alleges that he was in shock and awe.

However, in the vlog, he’s seen laughing and smiling with his friends after discovering the body. So I guess, maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all. Of course, people reacted to this saying that a mere apology wouldn’t make things go away.

Even though the video was posted with a trigger warning at the beginning, Logan described this moment almost as something legendary instead of describing it as shocking or traumatizing. In the beginning of the video, he started by saying that it wasn’t clickbait and that the video was graphic. Although he described his experience as something that would mark Youtube history, as if it was something to glorify, instead of something to be hurt by. The YouTuber laughed about the situation and made multiple jokes about it. So what’s the point of using a trigger warning if you’re making a joke about this whole situation?

A lot of people criticised him on the vlog and on his actions and recommended people to not watch the video and to report it. The YouTube video was eventually taken down but, of course, that won’t make the situation go away. This situation is completely disgusting and so horrible to everyone, and of course, the YouTuber didn’t even take into consideration the victim’s family and how his actions might affect them.

As mentioned before the video has been deleted and it is NOT recommended or worth watching, especially if you’re triggered by suicide, for the video is graphic (as mentioned by Logan, himself), but an account has reposted the vlog. You can watch the video here at your full responsibility.

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