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Interview: Room X Bored, A Clothing Brand You Have To Know About

February 5, 20199 min read

I’m constantly amazed by the creativity and talent that teenagers have. I started college late August last year, and I’m constantly surrounded by amazing, creative and talented people. Because of this, I had the idea of showcasing young people especially teenagers who are doing awesome and dope things. It just so happened that my friend Quinn from college, who’s an amazing photographer, told me about Stefan, his friend from high school, who started the clothing brand, Room X Bored last year. The first thing Quinn showed me about the clothing brand was the brand’s Instagram page, and I was super intrigued and impressed.  The aesthetic was something I’d never seen before and it got me super excited. It left me wanting to know more about Stefan and how he started Room x Bored. Thanks to Quinn for being a dope ass friend, I had the opportunity to reach out to Stefan and interview him and find out how Room X Bored started.

The man behind Room X Bored, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Stefan Breskin, I’m 19 years old, and I’m from Huntington, New York. I currently attend UMass Amherst while also running Room X Bored in my spare time.

Were you always interested in Fashion/Clothing Design?

Yeah, definitely. I’ve always had an appreciation for good design and brands who try and do it differently. It’s always been a passion of mine and a way to express myself, but I’ve never had any formal experience in design or production or anything. It’s all been trial by fire, but I’ve learned a lot along the way. Room X Bored has given me a chance to show my creative side and contribute to the culture while putting my own spin on it.

How did you come up with the name Room X Bored? 

It all started last year when I was a freshman in college. I was a little frustrated with school and how it was all set up. I wasn’t getting much out of the classes I was taking; it was all really boring. I’ve always been a creative person so it was really frustrating (and still is), but I was in my room one night just doodling on some forms and one of them said “Room and Bored” and it was kind of one of those “ah-ha moments.” I guess there are multiple meanings to the actual name, but that’s however you want to perceive it.

How would you describe your style, and where do you get the inspiration for your business?

My personal style is pretty simple, kind of like my designs. I think that the message of the design can get lost if it’s too cluttered, which is why every piece of the design serves a purpose and contributes to the overall message I’m trying to get across. In terms of inspiration for designs, it’s pretty abundant. Every design I’ve put out and every design I have in the vault are just thoughts I have in my head on different topics. I tend to daydream a lot, so these designs for me are just an outlet for my creative side. In terms of inspiration for the entire brand, it goes back to my experiences with school. I think that a lot of creative kids struggle with the boundaries of school and can feel like what their learning is not in any way getting them to where they want to end up. Ironically, my experiences with Room X Bored have taught me far more than what I’ve been learning in the classroom and has started to open up a lot more doors than school has for me.

Can you also talk about the overall aesthetic of Room X Bored?

Going into it I saw a lot of other brands popping up trying to do the same thing. Everything looked really similar to me and not a lot really popped out. When you think of most of the successful brands right now they have their own unique message, approach and niche. For instance, when you look at their clothes or a design you can say, “Oh, that’s so and so!” without even seeing their name attached to it. So for me, going into this I knew I had a strong concept that I haven’t really seen before, but I knew nobody would see it if it wasn’t branded in the proper way. That being said, I put a ton of work into making sure everything from the Instagram feed, the website, the stories, the designs, all the way down to the neck labels, had the “Room X Bored” and “Doodle” aesthetic.

Which creator would you like to collaborate with?

That’s tough, there’s so many. At this point in time I’m still rather small and trying to grow the brand, so in my head, it seems like a lot of other brands/people in my head are out of reach. With that being said, right now I’m focused on growing Room X Bored and putting out as much content as possible, but when the time comes I’m really open to anything. A good fit is a good fit.

What does Room X Bored mean to you?

A lot. It’s been amazing so far. Even though it’s still small, it feels good to see all that work I put in pay off. It’s super fulfilling to wake up and work on something you’ve created and enjoy working on, rather than going through the day doing what other people tell you to do.

What’s next for you and Room X Bored?

I have some new pieces coming out soon, and I’m working on getting into a few retail locations. I think there are a lot of different avenues to explore for Room X Bored. In terms of me personally, I’m just going to keep my foot on the gas pedal and see where it takes me. I’m excited for what’s to come, and I’m really thankful for all the support so far.

If you’d like to buy any pieces from Room X Bored, make sure to check out their website. Their pieces run out super fast (their latest restock is already sold out!), so make sure to follow their Instagram page as well for updates.


Featured Image courtesy of Quinn Blackburn 

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