Now Reading: Introducing Circular, the London-Based Startup For Creatives


Introducing Circular, the London-Based Startup For Creatives

April 5, 20172 min read

As an artist, there always comes a time when you wish there was a space for you to just connect with like-minded people. Twitter is great for this, but it’s still missing that special something.

Zai Allen, CEO of Circular.

Meet Circular, a London-based startup designed to connect creatives and artists; its primary purpose is for people to be able to share ideas, tips and opportunities with each other within their respected sectors.

The vision was brought to life by Zai Allen (CEO) with his co-founders Hendrix Nash and Danny Aziz; Zai Allen created a Twitter poll asking people how they’d feel about a medium that provided an environment for people to network, and share ideas. From there, Circular got the traction it needed and the following week it was already a work in progress.

Since December 2016, they have been running a Beta version of Circular through Slack; in the time that I myself joined, I’ve met an array of immensely talented people, and even found job opportunities pertaining to music (I’m a producer myself). The opportunities Circular has provided for people ranges from paid work experience to internships at prominent record labels and PR companies.

The prospect of a product like Circular is a tantalising one; in a world where more people are emerging with creative talents, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find places where you can ask those basic questions about how to use the magic wand tool in Photoshop or how to pull off sidechain compression in Logic Pro X.

My time with the Circular Beta has been a great one. I can connect with other producers or get the help of a graphic designer at the press of a button. It’s such a simple concept, but nothing like it exists because most of the top dogs in a lot of fields don’t have the time to help up-and-coming creatives.

More information about a full product surrounding Circular will be announced in the second quarter of 2017.

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