Now Reading: Rising Australian Star KIAN Remixes “Sunbeam” with Dutch Hitmaker Leven Kali


Rising Australian Star KIAN Remixes “Sunbeam” with Dutch Hitmaker Leven Kali

April 27, 20213 min read

KIAN is an 18-year-old Australian singer and songwriter who got his start at just 16-years-old  (using a track he wrote at 14) with triple j, an Australian radio station focused on broadcasting and supporting Aussie talent. His track “Every Hour” and his debut EP “BLISS” brought him serious success, in his home country and beyond Australia. KIAN’s latest single “Sunbeam” led to his collaboration with Dutch musician/producer Leven Kali. 

Of his experience working with Leven, KIAN said, “I would love to work with Leven again, I think we could make some crazy stuff together. He seemed like a nice genuine person and someone who I’d love to keep collaborating with.”

The “Sunbeam” remix opens with electric swirls, opting for a quicker and less dreamy prelude. This is an immediate introduction to the divestment from some of the smoother sounds found on the original release. The electronic layering creates a differently dynamic sound for the track.

“I think the addition of Leven’s harmonies that float throughout the track really brought texture to the song, as well as the energy brought from the live drum fills sprinkled in. That’s what really stood out to me from the original,” KIAN explained. 

The original “Sunbeam” was produced by Josh Fountain and Djeisan Suskov, who are responsible for some of BENEE’s biggest hits (dating back to her earliest tracks). Their sound is clear in the bright and splashy production approach, blending indie music with a near-funk style. “Every Hour” and “Sunbeam” have a much lighter sound than KIAN’s debut music, which erred on the side of brooding.

KIAN and Leven sing together at points, their paired vocals creating an interestingly enmeshed sound. The electronic flairs in the instrumentals and vocal augmentation create a unique sound that provides an interesting shift from the original track.

KIAN shared, “I felt like the track was versatile and could easily shift between different sounds, so I didn’t wanna take away that opportunity from the song. The artists that worked on both remixes definitely did it justice. Our tones really blended well and I felt like our performances worked well together, my style is usually laid back so I feel like his vocals and writing slid into that pocket beautifully.”

The sunny sound of the song creates a sense of warmth, like light on your face on a spring day (even if it is autumn in Victoria right now). There’s a semi-sultry undercurrent, but the beat is still danceable and fun. “Sunbeam” is the feeling of smiling as summer rays dance across your cheeks on a warm day.


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