Invited to a Party

March 1, 20181 min read

This poem is based off the aftermath of when I got invited to a house party and my thoughts on it.

Round and around like a merry go round

My head keeps spinning and going up and down

 My head is turning inside out

These fumes are making me go inane

This music just sounds completely insane

This guy is talking to me like it’s something profane

as he hands the guy a bag of cocaine

God this music is hurting my brain!

Someone hands me some kind of grain

I’m drinking that shit till its drained

These thoughts come to me


In a room full of people dancing

like they’ve been depraved

By something they’ve never seen before

yet they’re still asking for more


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Michelle Underwood

I am just your regular fish out of water living in central america, that has a deep love for game of Thrones and The Crown. I adore Colombian cuisine, i am also a very big Oscar Wilde enthusiast. I enjoy swimming and reading at the beach. I'm a dog person, and I adore Latin American literature. I'm 16 and you can go follow me on twitter at @MichelleAUnder