Michelle Underwood

  • March 1, 2018By Michelle Underwood

    This poem is based off the aftermath of when I got invited to a house party and my thoughts on it. Round and around like a merry go round My head keeps spinning and going up and down  My head is turning inside out These fumes are making me go inane This music just sounds

  • January 21, 2018By Michelle Underwood

    Two years after Ryan Murphy’s critically acclaimed drama The People v. O.J Simpson, which received five Golden Globe nominations and two awards, it is back with a new season about the infamous 1997 assassination of the fashion king, Gianni Versace. The episode gives mostly focus on Versace’s assassin Andrew Cunanan (played by Darren Criss) and his

  • December 28, 2017By Michelle Underwood

    A poem about my experiences with my first anxiety attack and how the aftermath felt and the surreal effect that it had on me. Dread That bile rising in your stomach Not fear Dread The thing that makes you not go still but merely go through the motions one by one God I feel like

  • December 17, 2017By Michelle Underwood

    I wrote this because being a Latinx woman, I pretty much grew up on being Catholic and now it’s been a struggle to maintain that faith, and with the world and how it makes it a bit harder to become more faithful. You you you you This divine I must walk through And you With

  • December 9, 2017By Michelle Underwood

    As Amalia sat in the far right corner of the auditorium, she listened intently as her peers made Hamlet seem like some C-span broadcast. She soon realized that it was already noon and she needed to eat. She decides to ignore her hunger. It isn’t the two dollar lunches she was craving. The hard and