Now Reading: J-Hope’s New Mixtape Proves How Versatile BTS’s Rap-Line Really Is


J-Hope’s New Mixtape Proves How Versatile BTS’s Rap-Line Really Is

March 6, 20183 min read

Following the footstep of his fellow group members, RM and Suga, Bangtan Sonyeondan’s J-Hope finally debuted his own mixtape.

The artist’s mixtape, titled “Hope World,” was released on Mar. 2 after two years in the making. The South Korean star is recognized as BTS’s lead dancer, but his new mixtape further proves his versatility as a performer.

J-Hope’s Mixtape Cover

Groovy yet laid-back, his title track “Daydream” oozes a psychedelic funk and house-music-inspired vibe. Along with the bright-colored and vibrant video, fans can easily see how J-Hope’s personality influences his work. Nick-named as “sunshine” in BTS, Hoseok’s track was uplifting and energetic. The video’s eccentric details made it intriguing to watch, just like most of J-Hope’s other content.

Colorful vibes in his title song “Daydream”

With six other songs that showcase his endless capabilities, there’s no need to wonder why “Hope World” was such a smash hit. He’s even earned the title of “most number ones on iTunes for any Korean solo artists.” Some may say it’s “Hope’s World” and we’re just living in it.

While J-Hope’s mixtape was breezy and fun, his fellow member, Suga, took a more aggressive and intense route. Suga is famous for his raspy, deep and fast-paced rapping style. In 2016, Suga dropped his mixtape titled “August D,” which was named after his own alter ego.

Suga’s Mixtape Cover

From the unfiltered lyrics to the gritty and powerful verses, Suga has covered a variety of topics including diss tracks and personal anecdotes. Suga himself designed every detail of “Agust D,” much like he does with BTS’s songs. He was able to make tracks that were purely hip-hop, yet so uniquely his own genre.

Rap Monster, now known as “RM”-is BTS’s leader and the one who initiated the chain of independent mixtapes from members of the group. He came out with his own album titled “RM” in 2015.

RM’s Mixtape Cover

Fans and frequent listeners would agree that RM has a recognizable voice. He showcases his brilliant flow by using nothing more than a simple beat to rap over, wowing anyone that listen to this mixtape. His ability to keep up with the beat and make it seem effortless sets him apart from others in the industry.

BTS has been blowing up over the past few years, and it’s no surprise. On top of the group’s amazing array of vocalists, these three diverse rappers with distinct styles coexist in any BTS song you hear.

One fan commented that within their own mixtape: “J-Hope visualizes the world, RM analyses the world and Suga criticizes the world.”




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