Now Reading: Harry Styles Being Sexually Assaulted By a “Fan” Shows How We View Celebrities as Objects


Harry Styles Being Sexually Assaulted By a “Fan” Shows How We View Celebrities as Objects

October 25, 20173 min read

In light of recent events, specifically the uprise of victims coming forward about Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulting them, you would think people all around the world, especially fans of musicians, actors and those in the “industry” would stand in solidarity against assault and respect personal space and consent. That, however, is unfortunately not the case, as proven by a video that went viral on Twitter earlier today, sparking the hashtag #RespectHarry. The video shows a “fan” groping Harry Styles’s crotch during a concert (at the Hollywood Bowl Benefit Concert), and all of it is clearly shown in the video, right here:

Immediately upon the video going viral, many other fellow celebrities and fans were quick to condemn the violation of Styles’ body, and it opened the door for a conversation about the fact that this “act” was definitely sexual assault, regardless of whether the victim was a male or a celebrity, and the perpetrator was a teenaged girl, a “fan”. Here are just some responses under the #RespectHarry hashtag:

In the video, Styles clearly looks uncomfortable, and violated, as he rightfully should feel. No one, regardless of status, deserves to feel like that. He can be seen quickly jumping back on stage, disgruntled, but does not stop the show, most likely in fear of upsetting the audience. Did I mention the show was a benefit concert to raise money for cancer awareness?

The point is many people view celebrities as objects, and on top of that, they view the stigmas attached to these celebrities as an excuse to do whatever they feel like to them. Styles’ is often called a “womanizer” and has been molded to fit this image of a “sex symbol”, however regardless of whether that is true, sexually assaulting someone just because you feel like they are used to it, or they don’t mind it, is not ok and is a completely false justification for an act that is incredibly contravening a persons privacy and well being.

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to touch Styles in an indecent and volatile manner, and it isn’t the first time someone has made him feel uncomfortable or overstepped their boundaries. It also, unfortunately, won’t be the last for him, or any other superstar because of this culture of sexual assault that is rooted in our society.

Respect Consent. Respect Privacy. Respect Personal Space.

If you have been Sexually Assaulted, speak up. Here’s the number for the U.S National Sexual Assault Hotline (you can also chat with them online): 1-800-656-4673.

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