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Jaden Smith Is Climbing the Throne of Our Generation

December 4, 20175 min read

No one imagined that the six-year-old co-star of The Pursuit of Happiness would be taking over as the face of a generation. But now, it would be hard to deny that Jaden Smith is becoming a leader amongst teenagers — and that he’s doing so in the most charming way possible.

As the years have droned on, Jaden has slow ascended to the top of the fashion, entertainment, and music industries. After his heart-wrenching role in The Pursuit of Happiness, four years later he returned as the Karate Kid, where we first got a glimpse of his grand influence.

But Smith has taken over more than just cinematic platforms, branching out with a water bottle company called JUST Water. He hopes that his eco-friendly packaging will inspire youth in reducing carbon footprint.

“Stay inspired. Stay creative. Stay genius.”

— Jaden Smith

When he donned a skirt for his feature in Louis Vuitton’s Womenswear campaign, he captivated the attention and eyes of the entire fashion industry. What shocked people wasn’t just Smith’s bold move to wear that skirt, challenging gender norms in clothing, but the idea that Louis Vuitton had brought him onto the campaign to model womenswear.

I think we all remember when he debuted at the 2017 Met Gala with dreads in hand and heels on his feet. And back in 2016, Jaden and Willow were both awarded New Fashion Icon by the British Fashion Awards. Needless to say, he’s become a trendsetter in the industry.

And just last month, he released his first debut album, SYRE, which he described as a “love letter to the world,” in an interview with Vanity Fair. Listening to the album intently proves that it is just that. He opens the album with four separate tracks “B,” “L,” “U,” and “E”. On “B,” Willow Smith takes part in a sermon regarding the creation of mankind and the ultimate power of NyQuil.

From that very first song, we are subject to how the rest of the album is going to pan out; we understand that SYRE is a casually woke album on the premise of taking over the world. Within the rest of the 16 tracks, he constantly shifts and bends the status quo until we get the layered masterpiece that is this album.

Smith has gifted the generation that grew up with him a serene way of putting together the broken pieces our of world.

Smith has taken over every grid of success. From jump-starting his own company, to starring in films and TV shows like Neo Yokio, and to dripping in success from his new album, he has quite an accomplished résumé. Not only has he pushed the boundaries in the way he presents himself, but he has revolutionized the way music is made.

His family’s musical history is nothing short of mysterious: His father is a former rapper, his mother is a singer in a metal band, and his sister Willow has a unique lo-fi sound to match her unapologetic feminine energy. With Willow, he has developed a creative collective, titled MSFTSrep, “dedicated to supporting and waking up the population of planet earth, through attaining knowledge and personal growth. But even that puts it into a box.”

No longer is music simply put within the boundaries of masculinity and all it entails. By crying in his music videos to opening up about his personal life, Jaden shows us that divulging emotions should be the norm for men.


Slowly but surely, Jaden Smith is making his way to sit comfortably on the throne of our generation. His music can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Do yourself a favor and please check it out.

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