Now Reading: Julius Cowdrey Talks Double Release, ‘If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You’ and ‘Better Day’


Julius Cowdrey Talks Double Release, ‘If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You’ and ‘Better Day’

May 20, 20197 min read

It didn’t take long for Julius Cowdrey to discover his affinity for songwriting. After spending a while on the award-winning reality TV series, Made in Chelsea, Cowdrey left to focus all his energy on his true passion: music. His two latest releases, “If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You” and “Better Day”, narrate personal and difficult times in his life, but have the power to provide great solace to those experiencing the same feelings. While the two singles have different inspirations, both are so grounded in emotion and ambition that they are impossible not to relate to.

Since delving head first into the industry, Cowdrey has earned the No. 1 spot in the iTunes songwriter charts for “7 Roads (I See You) and has performed at both the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and London’s famous nightclub, Mahiki. I sat down with the England-native to learn more about his double release and how he uses music to conquer obstacles in his personal life.

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Ariel Zedric: Talk a little about your role in the TV show, Made In Chelsea!

Julius Cowdrey: I knew a few people on the show so the transition was easy and it was a great opportunity for me. They have a great reach and I suddenly had a following, which meant I could release music to a wider audience. I’m glad I did it!


What was your most memorable day on the set of Made In Chelsea?

Definitely when we flew to Mauritius, one day we were filming on the beach and we had dinner overlooking the ocean, amazing evening, although some drama did arise…


Can you recall a moment (if not the moment) when you realized that music was your passion?

Yes, I suddenly had the inspiration to write music at the age of 15 or 16 and it ended up being quite a good song, I remember friends saying.. ‘Julius, can you imagine being a songwriter and performing your own music to a massive audience?’ I didn’t look back.


What was the inspiration behind your new single, “If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You”?

This song is written about the music industry, we disguised it to sound like I’m talking about a girl, but really it’s about my lack of trust I have for this industry.

How is it similar to your single, “Better Day”?

Hmm.. quite different musically, Better Day is more anthemic with a big falsetto chorus.

They both speak about being let down and betrayed, but in Better Day I sing about a girl, my ex in fact. The main similarity the songs share is that they both have positive implications and although I was hurt not only by the music industry but also by a girl I loved…I know I’ll be fine and I will get through it. They both share that motivation to find happier days. I hope people can relate and use the songs as therapy if they have been through similar pain.


Do you have a favorite line from the track?

‘I guess angels can walk on the dark side.’


From what you’ve said, both these singles narrate very personal struggles in your life. Were there parts you found difficult to write? Was either harder than the other?

I’m not really an angry person, but I was angry in both songs, I wrote them when the wounds were fresh. Better Day was harder because there’s no deeper cut than heartbreak. The hardest line to write was ‘Your lips on his…then they were on mine.’ – coh.. that was tough! Writing this song really was like therapy and thank god my producer Aaron Ferucci is a patient man!


Overall, did writing about your experience prove to be more cathartic or difficult? How so?

Oh definitely cathartic! I don’t know what I would do without music. Writing helps me not bottle things up. I feel thankful that I have it.


What’s a simple activity that never fails to make your day better?

The gym! It helps clear my mind.


Right now you split time between London and LA, what’s your favorite part about each place?

London: London’s architecture is incredible, I love pubs and anything quintessentially English, it makes me proud.

LA: Everyone’s positive energy, people seem happier there. I love how many people dream big in LA, it’s addictive!

Courtesy of Julius Cowdrey


If you could give one piece of advice to someone struggling with relationship or career issues, what would it be?

Listen to my songs! Haha, no…umm…it’s an obvious one, but surround yourself with good & positive people. Secondly, you can either go two ways after struggling from something, you can be destructive (go out a lot, drink, not sleep) or you can become a better version of you (gym, eat well, sleep, read a new book) – go for the second option and improve yourself… you’ll look back and be in a happier place in no time!


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