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“Screwberry Sunshine” With Brooklyn White and Don D

July 1, 20176 min read

         In a previous chat with local artist and musician Brooklyn White, we talked about Brooklyn’s achievements as a visual artist. White is New York based artist who has been a part of Dazed’s list of the Next Generation of Female Artists, featured work in Rookie Mag, and published in Teen Vogue and Galore Magazine. White has been recognized by Junglepussy, Kari Faux, Janelle Monae, and Missy Elliot. Now, Brooklyn is releasing a seven-track EP entitled “Screwberry Sunshine” on Tuesday, July 4th with production by Don D. Don D is a Connecticut based producer and is known for work with Kari Faux and Staley and a part of the Northern Lights trio. His work has been spotlighted in Vice, Dazed, EARMILK, and many more.

Brooklyn and Don deliver glossy production and ethereal lyrics, while touching on religion, spirituality, sexuality, experimentation, and black femininity. Brooklyn and Don talk about their creative process for Screwberry Sunshine.

What overarching message are you trying to convey through Screwberry Sunshine?

Individualism, positivity, unity, and confidence. Also, we wanna express that when you’re connected to The Most High, you’re even more unstoppable and comfortable in your talents.

[Don] I also really wanted to show the beauty in experimentation.

How does the album reflect on who you are as an activist and visual artist?

[Brooklyn] On the production side, Don asked what kind of sound I wanted the project to have and I said: “like outer space”. So he took those words and weaved a celestial vibe throughout the tape. Afterward, he replied, “it’s like you’re in space, and underwater”.

I believe that aliens can represent “the other”, aka the people who don’t conform. Those are the people I ride for. They’re kinda why I’m so into space and big on incorporating it into my visual art. I feel similarly about the sea and its inhabitants as well. Space and sea represent depth, unknowing, and infinite knowledge all at once.

Name some lyrics/ parts with deeper meaning and explain them.

[Brooklyn] I’ll do two lines! “Phone on a hunnid, but I’m still plugged in” is a line from our first single, ‘Glosstafari’. On the surface level, it’s a little flex, like “Yeah! I’m the queen. I’m well connected. I’m charged up.” But it has a more subtle, spiritual meaning, too- that I’m plugged into the universe, no matter what. Even when I’m feeling like I’m my best self, I’m still capable of being better and growing in God.

“I ain’t bitter ‘bout it/ but I been in valleys and up mountains/I have been about it/ Since BC 30,000”

I’ve been myself forever. And I’m going to continue being myself, forever. Time is so funny – on the practical, grounded side, I’m like aight, time is real and rent is due on the 15th. But my spirit mama self is like “ Yoooo… We made time up…why?!?!”

How do you plan to move forward with the album? (Tours, shows, etc.)

Of course we have some shows lined up (our first one is July 11th in Brooklyn!!) and hopefully a tour. [Don] I also have a digital, hip-hop coloring book dropping in the fall and Brooklyn is doing a lot of the art for it. It’ll include a fill in the blank rap lyric section coupled with really vivid images. Should be pretty cool.

How has the use of social media affected the success of your work?

[Don] Social media is tight because I can reach out to people and work on songs even if they’re in UK. Even though I like to work on projects and songs together with artists, social media is good for networking and selling beats. It’s also the reason why we know each other.

Was this your first time working in music?

[Don] This was my first time working with Brooklyn on a project, but I was in a group called Northern Lights a while back. We dropped a few albums that did pretty good on the underground circuit back in 2012.

[Brooklyn] This is my 9th project. I’ve been recording and releasing music since I was 15, so I’ve been doing this for a minute. I think people sometimes think I’m this sweet, sensitive baby who just writes and draws aliens. Like “Nah, I’m a rapper. I’ve been a rapper.”

If you were to dedicate the album to anyone, who would it be?

[Don] My mom, dad, and sister definitely. Also, my friends and my art teachers from when I was a kid. They taught me imagination is so important in life.

[Brooklyn] I want to dedicate this to my family, friends, and teachers as well. They are the ones who matter most to me. They all helped shape me and I’m grateful for that.


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