Now Reading: Jumpscares, Heart-to-Hearts, a Troublemaker and a New Ship?: a Review of “Supernatural” Season 14, Episode 5


Jumpscares, Heart-to-Hearts, a Troublemaker and a New Ship?: a Review of “Supernatural” Season 14, Episode 5

November 9, 20188 min read

Editors Note: This review contains spoilers for Season 14, Episode 5 of Supernatural. Read at your own risk, and happy hunting!

This deceptive episode starts off with Maggie (Katherine Evans), a new hunter from Season 13, that disappears during her solo hunting in a cemetery. To keep track of his hunters, Sam conducts check-ins – and Maggie seems to miss her check-in. Sam and Dean later check on Maggie’s body cam and find that she was ambushed by a ghoul… or so the boys thought.

The brothers go to where Maggie was last seen. They are caught by the cemetery’s groundskeeper, but they get free easily by lying of who they are. They go to see the owner of the property, and Neil (Chris Patrick-Simpson), the owner’s nurse, greets them. Yet the boys are slightly too late because they meet Bobby and Mary inside the house since they went searching for Maggie faster than the boys.

Bobby and Mary join the boys and see that Mr. Rawling, the owner, is currently very sick. However, Dean notices that Mr. Rawling matches the characteristic of the ghoul that attacked Maggie but that’s just not possible. So ghouls are out of their list of suspects. Sasha Rawling (Leah Cairns), the daughter, tells them to leave because she just had a rough day. Bobby’s mad at Sam for letting Maggie go Hunting alone and to reduce more trouble by arguing, they split up to search for Maggie: Sam with Mary and Dean with Bobby. There’s, again, a heart to heart moment between Sam and Mary.

After searching the woods, the groups discover a dead hunter nearby and Bobby sees a familiar figure. A ghoul attacks Dean during the search for Maggie but when he kills it, it disappears in a strange way. On the house, a vampire spooks Sasha when she’s about to go to the attic and Sam finally tells her and Neil of what’s really going on. When Sam checks the attic, he found Maggie while Dean’s having a heart-to-heart with Sasha about her dad.

On the other side, Bobby goes to the woods by himself to search for the figure he saw earlier. Turns out it’s his dead son, Daniel (Thomas Nicholson)! Daniel tries to kill Bobby and Mary saves him. Daniel gets angry and attacks her but Bobby kills his son in order to save Mary. Back to the house, Dean checks on Mr. Rawling and he becomes suspicious of Neil because there’s something familiar about how Neil treats Mr. Rawling. Dean’s right and he discovers that Neil’s a djinn and Neil thinks that Dean’s Michael because Michael was the one that told him to do what he did. Michael made a bargain with Neil – he kills as many hunters he can and Michael gives him an upgrade in return.

Michael’s upgraded the djinns so they can see a person’s nightmare and bring them to reality. Neil tries to see Dean’s worst nightmare but he ended up screaming in pain, Dean takes this as a chance to kill him. This episode ended with Mary covering Bobby’s wound, a heart-to-heart between those two and a farewell to the boys because they’re going to Donna Hanscum’s (Briana Buckmaster) cabin. Also with Dean finally learning not to blame himself for what Michael did.

Now, there really is one thing that I still can’t get out of my head after finishing this episode: are Mary and Bobby going to be a ship? How can I possibly think about that? Well, in this episode, Mary said a lot about her caring about Bobby and Sam literally told Mary that she and Bobby had been getting very close lately by going Hunting together. Also, when they were searching for Maggie, their heart-to-heart moment was about Bobby, of how he was not an open book, of how he had walls and of how he hated talking about his true feelings. Mary wanted to break that wall and Sam actually encouraged her to do so.

At the end of the episode, Bobby finally opened up about himself to Mary while she was tending his wounds. Bobby told her about his son that attacked them, how he died and how he felt so guilty because he brought his son to the war at the first place. By that, we can already see that Mary managed to make a crack on Bobby’s wall. If they become canon in the future, well, it’ll be cute, for sure, but I just don’t really know how I feel about it.

The most impressive acting in this episode is definitely Chris Patrick-Simpson’s. His acting as Neil was just amazing. He fooled me, he really did. Neil didn’t seem suspicious when he appeared. I thought the groundskeeper was the shady one but, sadly, he’s just a secondary character. Neil was just like this clueless nurse that tried to keep his patient alive. He was just this normal human who didn’t have a single idea about the supernatural world or what was currently happening around him but when he spilled everything about who he really was, it really shocked me and made me love-hate Michael more. Chris did a great job of fooling me. His acting really brought the fun in this episode.

I also love how Dean used a flashback to crack this case. When he saw that Mr. Rawling was given blood transfusion by Neil and noticed that it wasn’t transfusion but Neil was draining his blood like what djinns do, he got a flashback when he was also a djinn’s hostage back in Season 2 to the episode called “What is and What Should Never Be”. It was a very nice move. Also, I got very excited when they mention Donna Hanscum in the end. Donna is a very fun character and hopefully, she’ll appear in the next episode like when Jody Mills appeared in episode 3.

Next week’s episode is called “Optimism” and is directed again by the one and only, our beloved Richard Speight Jr. so get ready for an interesting episode! Episode 6 will air on November 16th, 8/7c. Make sure you stay updated by checking Supernatural’s official Instagram and Twitter.

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