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Kalsey Kulyk Talks “Bad Liar” Single and Upcoming Album

July 9, 20198 min read

Canadian country artist, Kalsey Kulyk, is as honest as it gets. Her latest single, “Bad Liar”, tells an all-too-common story of confronting an ex. Music has always played an important role in Kulyk’s life. After getting diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in high school, the young artist battled for her life and wrote songs to record her emotions. 

Now, having signed with Anthem Entertainment, the Kulyk is well on her way to the top. I sat down with the rising star to talk recent music and her upcoming album.

Tell me about the inspiration behind your single, “Bad Liar”

My co-writer and I wrote “Bad Liar” as a “how to” for handling the punches of a break-up. Sometimes you just wanna be sarcastic about it! People ask you, “How are you doing?” And you say “fine,” when you’re really on the verge of crying or yelling, or something like that. So instead you add a little sass to the situation and it makes you feel a bit better. 


Can you recall the moment you decided to write the track? Is there any event in particular that inspired it, or was it more of a culmination of things? 

I was in the studio and my producer, manager and I were deciding between “Bad Liar” and another idea and I just had a gut feeling to go with “Bad Liar,” so we did! Always trust your gut!

Tell me about your songwriting process! Is there a special place that you go to for inspiration? 

It depends. I mean, I always feel like there’s a special place I go, but sometimes a song just falls out. Sometimes I have an idea and sometimes its exactly what I’m feeling at that moment. It all just depends.

How does “Bad Liar” fit in with your album, slated for release in August?

“Bad Liar” actually stands out. It’s my sarcastic song – it showcases my quirky, fun side. It’s just another part of my personality, which I feel all the songs on the album are…Parts of my personality! It’s also one of the more uptempo tracks on the album, so it’s a bit different in that respect as well.

Talk more about the album! What are some messages you hope fans will take away?

I am SO excited about the album! It’s what I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little girl, and it didn’t fall short of those high expectations. I hope people are inspired – inspired to pick up the phone and call a loved one, mend old wounds within yourself, have a little more faith in yourself, but also to not take life too seriously. 🙂

Courtesy of Kalsey Kulyk

Are there parts of your childhood or upbringing that you pull from for inspiration? How so? 

Absolutely! I grew up in the country so I feel like I’ve seen and been around a lot of things that work for country. Also, being in a small town gives you a lot of topics to write about because everyone knows everyone’s business, so I was never short on ideas… 😉

Talk a little bit about the role music has played in your life, not only from a career standpoint, but how it’s influenced you as a person.

Music is a way for me to express myself. If I feel an emotion and hear a song that explains exactly how I’m feeling, I play it over and over again, and somehow get some sort of resolve. It also inspires me to take a good, hard look at life. I really don’t know who or where I’d be without music. It’s everything to me. It’s my life.

Have you ever doubted your decision to pursue music? If so, what inspired you to keep going? 

Never once. I have loved and been grateful for any decision I’ve made to follow my dreams. You can never regret a decision that continues you change your life and the lives of others. Music does that for me, and it does that for others.

Explain the personal and professional struggles you’ve encountered in the music industry thus far. How have they molded you?

Well, I’ve heard “no” – A LOT. I’ve heard “not good enough” – A LOT. And it has honestly made me stronger and more resilient. Life is about trials and tribulations, so if you can’t learn to deal with the potholes, you’re gonna get stuck a lot 🙂

Courtesy of Kalsey Kulyk 

What’s it like being a female in the music industry?

It’s great! The music industry is so male-dominated, but it pushes me to be better, work harder and break out of my comfort zones. I’m not worrying about what anyone else is doing or who’s getting the most recognition. I’m just going to work on myself, be focused and driven, and give it all I got. I’ll get my turn if I keep doing my thing.

What artist have you been listening to on repeat lately? 

Oh, man…. It feels like I’ve been listening to a lot of myself lately because I’ve been writing so much, haha. But when I sit down to listen to something, it’s usually Jason Isbell. I’ve also been taking the time to listen to a lot of women in country music, to try and understand why there is such a female deficit on the charts. So I’ve been cranking Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, and Lauren Alaina.

They always ask what advice would you give to your younger self, but what advice would your younger self give to you? 

I would say keep on going, sister! The road is long, and it sometimes gets dark, but the stars shine bright along the way!

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