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Katy Perry’s ‘Witness’ Is Truly An Era of Bad Decisions

July 13, 20173 min read

If you weren’t too busy recovering from the inauguration earlier this year, Katy Perry released her first single from her new album Whiten-uhhh I mean Witness. This was just the beginning of an era we are all collectively tired of. In my personal opinion, I think the inauguration of President Peanut combined with the pressure to transform her image really mentally broke Katy.

Katy being the stunt queen that she is, started off this era with the most irritating, draining, and the most extra way: a scavenger hunt! Perry essentially sent her fans around the world where she had a snippet of the lead single Chained To The Rhythm. Fast forward to the 2017 Grammy Awards, Katy makes a statement with rapper Skip Marley during the performance of the song. Everyone felt “eh” about the song and life moved on.

On Friday, April 28, 2017, things started to go south, and by “things” I mean the chart position of the artist’s second single from the album: “Bon Appetite” featuring Migos. To be totally and completely transparent, in my personal opinion the song is okay, I wouldn’t call it a bop though. However speaking of “bops,” Perry’s third single from the album titled “Swish Swish” featuring Nicki Minaj is the definition of a bop. Katy says this isn’t a diss track to Taylor Swift, but c’mon Katy, we all know the truth.

As Katy continued this era of “stunts and more things we didn’t ask for” she took a page out of Frank Ocean’s strategic book by having a livestream event for her album release. The singer even had a live “intimate” listening party with a group of fans where we got to listen to Katy perform some of her songs, and for the most part that was it. Or so we thought. This “one night only” listening party turned into a literal Big Brother fiasco. She cried a lot, which was fun. However some of the best/annoying highlights were:

  • Cooking with Gordon Ramsey
  • A special talk about race in America with Deray (she still doesn’t get it though)
  • A lot of sleeping
  • A very awkward dinner party
  • A very weird therapy session where she cried a lot

(You can read all about what exactly happened here )

Now it’s June, and Katy has released the lyric video for “Swish Swish” featuring everyone’s favorite Brazilian Meme Queen: Gretchen! The video is essentially Gretchen dancing around while singing along to the words. This is yet another stunt that I personally think is “just okay.” However award season has only just begun and the VMAs are right around the corner, so look out for anything new from Katy, because I’m sure she has something “big” planned. Hopefully she executes it well.

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