No More Misogyny Period

July 13, 20172 min read

When there is a degrading comment used towards women, such as the one in this poem, I feel as though something must be said. It feels destructive and unproductive, but something beneficial can come out of any situation, including this one. So here is a poem about using a negative situation, turning it into an opportunity for self awareness, and ending unnecessary misogyny.


I have a really bad headache & my stomach is seriously cramping up.

Could we possibly turn the music down?


Just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean you have to act like a bitch.


Oh and just because you’re a white privileged male doesn’t mean you have to act like one either!

Oops, that’s not something you can avoid?


Well it turns out I can’t control my ovaries just like you can’t control your ego.

Oh, except that’s not the same thing is it?


So instead of judging my hormonal tendencies, why don’t you take a good look in the mirror & find something to




and recognize.


Look and see who you truly are.

Take a good look at every battle scar.


I am not a nurse and will not aid the weak.

For it’s not outside assistance you seek.


You may be deeply bruised, shattered, and worn.

But you cannot always project your heart that’s torn.


I will not get on my knees, down to the ground.

Or search for your heart in the lost & found.


But I will tell you a secret that’s no secret at all.

You yourself, will be your biggest downfall.


Through words of spite that seem pretentious,

can create a bitter wall that’s relentless.


Stop this cycle that’s never ending.

Only then will you stop being so condescending.


I don’t want hate or fear to be the only things you comprehend.

I simply want self-introspection that brings misogyny to an end.


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