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Kyan Palmer Talks New Single “What U Like”, Just In Time For The Summer

June 1, 20196 min read

Following the recent success of the Los Angeles songwriting duo’s third single, “Antisocial Socialites”, Kyan Palmer and nicopop. have released their fourth single together: a summer-ready pop tune titled “What U Like”, featuring Johnny Mac. Their third recorded collaboration dropped May 30th, and if their previous music is anything to go by, then we can’t wait until their joint album drops later this year.

Kyan Palmer kickstarted his career as a musician while working in marketing at Repufblic Records and RocNation. One successful song later (“Burn Mona Lisa”), and he quit his job to follow his dreams and focus more on songwriting.

nicopop., on the other hand, is an animator, electronic artist, and producer that draws inspiration from the past few decades of pop culture. nicopop.’s specialty is blending a perfect mix of the essential pop sounds from the last twenty years, and with more original music on the way, nicopop. is destined for musical recognition across the entire pop audience. The two have released two three other singles so far (Unofficial Lover, Headcase and Antisocial Socialites), in anticipation of their collaboration album dropping late this year.

I was fortunate enough to talk to Kyan Palmer about the new song, and this is what he had to say.

How did you and nicopop. meet?

We got set up in a random session by our managers, and we just hit it off. Recently we also found out that we had been in the same meeting a few months before but somehow didn’t cross paths then.

Why did you decide to work together?

It was really natural. We actually began working together to write for other artists. Then we realized we were writing songs that both of us wanted to be a part of, and we decided to join together and make a full-length project celebrating pop music!

“Antisocial Socialites” is a total jam, and it’s been really successful on Spotify so far. What inspired you to create it?

Thank you! All the introverts out there need an anthem and this is it! Sometimes we all just wanna stay in and have some drinks with our friends at home. This song is a very “us” song and one of the most relatable tracks I think we’ve made so far.

I had the privilege of listening to “What U Like” early, and I love it. Talk to me about the feel of this new song, for those who haven’t heard it yet but really want to know.

“What U Like” is a carefree summertime jam! It’s about meeting someone very casually and actually having a connection. This song is also a collab with one of my best friends in the industry, Johnny Mac. We’ve been trying to do a song together for years, and we finally have!

Have you finished working on your joint album together?

We’re done with the writing process, so we’re just touching it up and getting it ready for the world to hear!

What would you like the world to know about you two?

We’re just two normal guys that have a dream and are out here chasing it! We’re extra though, so be prepared for what’s to come.

Do you have a message for Affinity’s teenage audience that wants to get involved in the music industry?

Just do it. Well, first make sure you have something to work with and identify what your passion is. Put in the work to be the best at what you do, don’t just wish it. People at the top of the charts earned their spot, it didn’t just happen by chance. Everyone’s journey in the industry is different, just don’t give up and you’ll get what you put in eventually.

To keep up with Kyan Palmer, follow him on his official Website, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify, and to keep up with nicopop. follow him on his official Website, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify. “

What U Like” is currently available for purchase on iTunes and to stream on Spotify, Apple Music & Soundcloud.

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