Now Reading: Disciples’, Nathan Vincent Duvall, Gets Candid About Single, ‘No Ties’, Calvin Harris, and Upcoming Tour


Disciples’, Nathan Vincent Duvall, Gets Candid About Single, ‘No Ties’, Calvin Harris, and Upcoming Tour

May 31, 20198 min read

Disciples are best known for their collaboration with Calvin Harris on the acclaimed track, “How Deep Is Your Love”. Now the UK trio, consisting of Nathan Vincent Duvall, Gavin Koolmon, and Luke McDermott, is back with a new single, “No Ties”. In the same upbeat, groovy, and spirited fashion, “No Ties” is the latest in infectious hits by the band.

I sat down with Duvall to get the inside scoop on Disciples’ previous hits, “No Ties”, and their upcoming tour.


Ariel Zedric: When and where was the idea for Disciples born?

Nathan Vincent Duvall: Disciples was born from the frustration of constantly being overlooked. So, we decided to form a band of misfits whilst in my studio back in 2012. It was the most natural cohesion.


How did you guys decide on the band name?

We mostly work out of my studio in Shoreditch when making music. One time we went to get lunch and I walked in front of the guys to snap a picture. It looked like the lads were my followers. So I called them my disciples as a joke, but the name stuck so here we are!

Courtesy of Disciples


Using three words, how would you describe your music style?

An absolute mess.


How has your music style changed, if at all, since your union?

Annoyingly it’s become more mature. We’ve entered a new space where we dive deeper into the musicality. We’re gettin’ old.


Tell me about the inspiration for your latest single, “No Ties”!

It was a track that started one way and ended up completely on the other end of the spectrum. Our good friend Kiris Houston who is a sick multi-instrumentalist helped flesh this one out with us. We didn’t aim to create the theme tune for a 70s porn film, but it sounds like it ended up that way.

“No Ties” features a really interesting and catchy combination of instrumentals, what did that writing process look like? How long did it take?

The production process took weeks and a lot of banging heads together. What you’re hearing is two bass lines playing at the same time. That was an accident. One we liked so we kept it in. The writing took four minutes. Luke jumped on the mic and the words came out faster than we expected.


Do you each have different roles when making music, or do you collaborate on everything?

These days we switch it up – we work on things at home and send them to each other when we feel we have a sick idea, then we always jump in and finish it together.


You also worked with Calvin Harris on the popular track “How Deep Is Your Love”! How did adding a fourth person into the mix change up the traditional methodology behind your music making?

Perfectly well, we sat back and watched a genius turn a beautifully written song into a pop banger. Collaboration or Die is what I say.


You’re about to head on tour, congrats! Any place, in particular, you’re excited to perform at?

Ibiza is always fun but only because we miss our flights, don’t sleep at all, have hotel room parties, etc. Other than that, I really like festivals like Hideout in Croatia and SW4 in our home town of London.


Playing live can be draining, how do you pump each other up before shows? Do you each have different routines or pre-performance superstitions that you have to follow?

Tequila is always a good shout but I’m trying to lay off the drinking this year. I think I want to start meditating before a show. See how that works.

Courtesy of Disciples


It looks like Calvin Harris will be making an appearance at a couple of your shows! Are you excited to work with him again?

Love Calvin, we’re still very much in touch with our new music. He gives us a lot of advice so to see him at the shows this year will be great.


How do you separate being partners and bandmates?  

We don’t. We’re joint at the hip and we fight with gloves and Vaseline. Proper family unit, it’s long!  


Have you encountered any major setbacks or obstacles in the music industry thus far? If so, how have you overcome them?

The ratio is 100 “no’s” to every 1 “yes”… failure is inevitable but the way I see it is, you must welcome failure as it’s always one step closer to a triumph.


What’s your best piece of advice for young aspiring artists?

If everyone believes in your ideas, they’re probably not that great.


Any last thoughts?

It’s fun being a decent person.

Courtesy of Disciples

Find and follow Disciples on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. And see them live at one of the tour dates below.

Tour Dates

8th June – MTV Club, Plymouth Pavilions, UK

14th June – Belsonic, Northern Ireland

21st June – The Three Fridays, Goodwood, UK

22nd June – The Gallery, Maidstone, UK

30th June – Republic Beach Club, Greece

5th July – Hideout Festival, Croatia

7th July – We Are Electric Festival, Netherlands

26th July – Tomorrowland, Belgium

2nd Aug – Ushuaia w/ Calvin Harris, Ibiza

8th Aug – Independence Music & Arts Fest, Cork, Ireland

12th Aug – Ibiza Rocks Hotel

24th Aug – SW4 Festival, UK

30th Aug – Ushuaia w/ Calvin Harris, Ibiza

31st Aug – Sundown Festival, Norfolk, UK

6th Sept – Ibiza Rocks Hotel


Featured image courtesy of Disciples 

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