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June 1, 20172 min read

I’ve been a hardcore fangirl since I started middle school, so shipping characters and becoming completely engulfed in the lives of fictional characters is nothing new to me. Recently my best friend and I have become obsessed with the new show on The CW, called Riverdale. The show is based off the old Archie comics only with a bit of a twist, Jason Blossom was murdered on the 4th of July and now we must find out who the killer is. It’s a murder mystery, but also focuses on the lives of each of the characters while they go through their own personal struggle, and of course, their love lives.

In one episode, Veronica and Betty try out for the River Vixons, the cheer leading squad, and Veronica thinks kissing Betty after their tryout will give them a better chance of getting on the team. After that episode, people started to ship Betty and Veronica together, and although I don’t ship it, I still think it’s cute. Other people, like people who send confessions to a Riverdale fanpage on Instagram, get very irritated at this ship for no reason at all. I’ve never understood stuff like this. Why can’t we just let people ship different things?

My personal favorite is the one that reads,

“Ppl should stop shipping beronica bc there not gay get over it.”

We know they aren’t openly gay in the tv show, but that doesn’t mean people can’t say they would be a cute couple, write fanfiction about them, or draw cute fanart. If they want to, let people ship things like Beronica. They would make a cute couple, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Stop policing what everyone ships.

I’m not saying ship toxic things like The Joker and Harley Quinn from the DC comics. Or Kylo Ren and Rey from Star Wars. Those are rather toxic ships that don’t display healthy relationships. Those are the kind of ships we should be warning people about. Not things like Beronica. Sometimes fandoms get a little too carried away with the hate. If the ship isn’t abusive or toxic, then let people ship it.

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