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Lilly Singh Will Be Making History with Her New Late Night Talk Show

March 15, 20194 min read

YouTube sensation Lilly Singh will be making history: on Thursday, she announced that she’s getting her own brand new late night talk show. She will be replacing Carson Daly’s Last Call With Carson Daly spot on NBC and in doing so, she will become the only female late-night talk show host on a broadcast network.

She will be taking over the 1:35 am time slot on NBC with her new show called A Little Late With Lilly Singh, set to debut sometime in September. According to NBC, it will include comedy sketches (you can get a taste of those on Lilly’s YouTube channel!) and in-studio interviews.

Lilly made this announcement on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and was surprised by her fellow talk show host Seth Meyers, who brought over champagne to celebrate the great news. She will be third in the line up of NBC’s talk shows after Fallon and Meyers.

Even though she is not the first female host, this is huge in terms of representation because by getting her own talk show host, Lilly has become the first ever Indian-Canadian woman and first openly bisexual person to ever host a late night talk show. And she acknowledges it in her statement, saying,

“An Indian-Canadian woman with her own late night show? Now that is a dream come true. I’m thrilled to bring it to life on NBC, and I hope my parents consider this to be as exciting as a grandchild.”

Lilly Singh has already established a brand of her own in the past eight years and this is just another achievement in her ever shining career as a comedian. She has over 14 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, has appeared in movies like Bad Moms and HBO’s Fahrenheit 451, written a New York Times bestselling book and toured the world with her stage show A Trip to Unicorn Island and became the UN Goodwill Ambassador. And not to forget, she came out as bisexual back in February. Believe me, I’ve only just scratched the barrel!

“I’m so excited because I truly get to create a show from scratch… I get to make it inclusive, create comedy segments and interview people and really create something that I believe in.”

Lilly will also be an executive producer on her show and has mentioned that it will be similar to her YouTube channel, except on a grander scale. NBC executive Vice President Doug Vaughan said in a statement, “Lilly is truly a star and we’re thrilled to welcome her to our NBC family. She is a multi-talented performer who will surely have a great rapport with not only all her guests but also with our devoted late-night audience. We can’t wait to get started.”

Lilly had taken a break from Youtube late last year to focus on her mental health and find some inner peace and inspiration. During that one month sabbatical, she sorted some things out in her life and came to terms with how she wanted her channel to move forward. She has always been a mental health advocate and has campaigned to promote educating girls with Girl Love. And now having her own talk show is truly a huge achievement, not just for Lilly, but for people of colour all across the globe. And trust me, she is just getting started.

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