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Little Mix is Back with Their New Single and Music Video, “Bounce Back”

June 16, 20195 min read

The hit British girl group Little Mix is back with a new single “Bounce Back” that was on June 14th, and also a music video in the following day. “Bounce Back” marks as their first single with RCA Label Group UK, Little Mix’s new record label, after splitting with Simon Cowell’s record label, SYCO Entertainment, a few days before the release of the group’s fifth album, LM5. I got to say, RCA did an amazing job on promoting this single. Snippets of the audio and the music video, the official cover art and they even have a website where you can go to your nearest “Bounce Back” hotspot where you can unlock exclusive “Bounce Back” content and get the chance to win Little Mix goodies. Also, RCA is so supportive of the girls and the fans are so proud of the records giving Little Mix the promotion they deserve.

“Bounce Back” is the perfect song to celebrate summer. The beat in this song is incredibly fun. Once you hear the song, you can’t help but dance along with the beat. Fans agreed that the sound of this song is such a new sound from Little Mix and it’s a total bop. In this song, there’s a small instrumental break that is such a smart addition. The second verse of this song is a little bit sensual and the girls harmonizing to it just give it bonus points.

Another thing about this song is that the girls are inspired by a classic Soul II Soul single. The chorus in “Bounce Back” is sampled from the hook of Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life“. The lyrics are so similar yet Little Mix made the beat more modern. Fans also theorize that this single is the start of a new era and possibly the main track for Little Mix’s new album that well, still hasn’t been confirmed by the girls themselves.

Little Mix is having a colorful dollhouse party in “Bounce Back” music video. At the start of this music video, there was a massive popping neon pink dollhouse and the girls are inside posing as dolls. Unfortunately, there’s a glimpse where Leigh-Anne’s eyes moved when they still posing as dolls. The 90’s themed wardrobe that the girls wear is absolutely stunning. The colors are very popping, the design is gorgeous and cute and the make-up matches perfectly to the theme. Leigh-Anne rocking that popping pink eyeshadow, Perrie looks stunning with the electric blue eyelashes, Jade looks gorgeous with the sparkly pink eyeshadow combined with green glasses and Jesy slaying those deep purple eyebrows. The other wardrobes that Little Mix wears also looks gorgeous like the funky leopard print dresses and bodysuits are to die for. There’s also a brief moment where the girls become a mannequin head. Jesy in a purple wig, Perrie in a blonde wig, Leigh-Anne in a grey and brown ombre wig and Jade in fiery red.

In the audio, as mentioned above, there’s an instrumental break and in the music video, Little Mix gave us a dance break! The choreography looks simple but so fun it makes me wanna try to learn it. But the choreography is a bit brief, though, and I really wanted to see more of the dance. The visuals of this music video are beautiful. The fun colors, the background settings, the 90’s and dollhouse theme, they match perfectly to the audio. Also an addition to this music video, the girls also give us a vertical video that you can see on Spotify from your phones.

All in all, Little Mix did yet an amazing job of daring themselves to create new music with a different sound and putting lots of effort on making their wonderful music videos. Let’s just hope that the girls announce something about their plans for this new era.

Go ahead listen to “Bounce Back” on Spotify, buy their music on iTunes, watch their music video and keep supporting the girls.

Featured Image via Little Mix’s official Twitter account.

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