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This poem was influenced by the ever coming and going people in my life. In my experience, it is as if souls come and go through a revolving door, leaving whenever they please. This takes a heavy toll on my heart; however, I have to remind myself that the higher power will place people in my presence as he sees fit, and they will leave when they are done serving a purpose for me. Even if you don’t believe in a higher power, you must believe in the universe and the karma that comes with her.

Something about the winter makes people cold

and I don’t mean this in the literal sense but rather figuratively

It’s like the atmosphere somehow seeps into the pores of their skin

and infects their hearts

it gets into their brain

and it makes them forget

or maybe it just bring them to their own revelations

it brings out their true colors

something about the new year that accompanies the winter makes people want to change

as if they could improve

forget the old

the ghosts of their past

the funny thing is, I never thought I would be a ghost

I don’t know what happened,

but then again, I guess it doesn’t really matter, does it

because at the end of the day

it takes two to make a relationship work

and I can’t break my back to fix something that was never broken

but that’s the worst kind of loss, isn’t it

when something just fades away

if something is broken

there is a way to repair it

it might not be easy, but it’s doable

but when a relationship just fades

there is no way to revive it

you can try, but it is simply a waste of time

when something “just isn’t there anymore,”

it’s basically calling a time of death

severing the bond

forcing a one-time pair to separate at a fork in the road that is life

and I don’t know if its just me, but I see a reoccurring pattern ever influencing my life

and I have come to the blatant conclusion that its not me that is the problem

but the winter that comes and freezes the hearts of those around me.

at least this is what I must tell myself in order to keep myself warm

however I must remind myself that no matter the situation

each soul I have ever encountered

there has been a purpose

a reason why

even if it is only for the season

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