January 23, 20181 min read

In a way, this poem is inexplicable but then the words are pretty self-explanatory at the same time. There are always those times that come in life where nothing makes sense. It seems like so much is against you and suddenly, you lose yourself in negativity. These words from created from my nightmares, in a way that I could decipher what I was feeling, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


This person inside me

These feelings dwelling inside me

It is not me

Lying beneath the corpse protecting me

Where did I go?

I am lost and my conscience new

before I could even get a hint

a swift sense

of the otherworldly soul developing

within me


No one ever set me up for this day

When my mental home decided to play

tricks on me, on me


D**n it, this isn’t me

Why am I wondering around deep in

this blinding fog?

Eyes burning, lips cracking


I’m tapped, out

of life


Death is upon me, isn’t it?

God is coming to take me to he-he-heaven, isn’t He?

They say pray the Lord, my soul to keep

But my soul is forsaken down in this hot, heavy heap


…I don’t know, man–

The haze is talking


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Kayla Ford

I am a 19 year old writer who loves piercings and challenging the status quo.