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Love Game: A Poem About Love That I Wrote When I Was 15

January 14, 20181 min read

Love can mean anything to everyone. We all have our own definition and interpretation of it. Sometimes, love can complicate things but honestly why must we let it do so? If you love someone, tell that person, because life is short. Say what you feel and don’t be afraid to act upon it. Be genuine in the things you say and do because our words and actions can have an effect on others.

Thy words sweet and lovely art mine healing

I lie awake and wonder late at night

Doth thou feel the same or art thou playing

‘Cause I know what I feel for thou is right


Everyone says thou prob’ly feel the same

How thy lovely words taste sweeter to me now!

Making my day when thou utter my name

Your laugh makes me smile, I do not know how


What is thy game? Why doth thou break my heart?

Did you really mean what you said to me?

Your words that are now tearing me apart,

Reminds me of what we had constantly


To me, you are the best mistake I’ve made

A memory that is not gonna fade.

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Bea Javate

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