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Love is in the Air: Grey’s Anatomy Comes Back With Season 15

September 29, 20189 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from ABC’s Medical Drama, Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 15 Episode 1 & 2.

Yes, you heard right Grey’s Anatomy is hitting its fifteenth season and starting out with a two-hour premiere. Premiering in 2005, this show has gained quite a cult following. I was only four years old when it came out but I’m all caught up with it, thanks to our best friend Netflix. Now time to catch you up. Last season ended with the marriage of Alex and Jo and of April and Matthew. Dr April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew left the show as her character went off to be to do “God’s work” by providing medical care to people that are unable to receive it. Another familiar face that was Dr Arizona Robbins who played by Jessica Capshaw. Arizona is moving to New York City to be with her ex- Callie. Well, It was really hard for us to bid farewell to April and Arizona, particularly because they have been on the show for so long. On the brighter side- at least Shonda didn’t kill them off.

In its last season, Grey’s Anatomy brought several important issues like domestic violence, blatant sexism at workplaces, police brutality, DACA and transgender rights, to light. We can only expect more of that in season 15. Now that we’ve had a quick recap lets get onto the new season.

Season 15 starts out with Meredith having a series of ~sexy~ dreams involving multiple doctors from the hospital. Something tells me that this season will go back to its romance roots. We also see Jo and Alex enjoying being newlyweds, Amelia and Owen experiencing the joys of parenthood and Dr Bailey keeping her health up in light of her recent heart attack.

Seven minutes in and we’re viewing our first accident: a woman on a bike getting hit full speed by an SUV. Luckily Jackson, DeLuca and Maggie are right there to save the day! (what a coincidence) Back at the hospital, Teddy is back but is now awkwardly leaving after finding out Owen and Amelia are shacked up with their own little family.

This is Grey’s Anatomy so of course, we’re going to see a few crazy accidents. We see the x-ray of a man with something cylindrical stuck in his rectum. Then we see that the woman hit by the car’s bicycle went through her thigh but she is so doped up that she can’t feel any pain and is saying all sorts of inappropriate things to the doctors. In Grey’s Anatomy, the patients that come to the hospital add to the show just as much as the doctors do. We see that through their humor and how they add to the plot line of each episode.

In the season premiere, we are introduced to two new male orthopaedic doctors, both as good looking as the rest of the doctors. Atticus “Link” Lincoln is played by Chris Carmack while Nico Kim is played by Alex Landi. I am excited to see how these new characters fit into this season of Grey’s

As this season is being deemed “The Season of Love”, it is only fitting that one of the first patients is a professional matchmaker who is determined to help Meredith find a man. Going along with the theme of love, other characters seem to be having their own love problems. Like Owen having to choose between Amelia who has confessed that she has feelings for him again and Teddy who is carrying his baby (he doesn’t know this yet). We also see slight problems with Jackson and Maggie as Jackson has, in Maggie’s words, “half proposed” to her. Maggie is totally freaked out since they haven’t even said ‘I love you’ yet. We also see a bit of chemistry between Dr Kim and Schmidt and Helm’s crush on Meredith finally sees the light of the day and is mentioned explicitly for the first time. (I honestly hope this happens) As we can clearly see, love is in Grey Sloan’s air.

After discussing love, let’s get back to the surgeries. The man with an unknown object stuck in his rectum undergoes surgery but does not make it out alive as Vik goes against Dr Weber’s orders and further complicates the surgery. The first of many deaths in the season. The next death is of the woman who was hit by the car, the infection spreads in her leg and unfortunately, the doctors are unable to save her. Missing from these scenes was the melancholy music, I feel that music that matched the scene’s rhythm and heightens the emotions.

As we get to get to the second part of the premiere, Meredith is shown having ~sexy~ dreams again, this time about the new Dr Lincoln who seems to already have a crush on her. It feels like her brain is trying to tell her something. Maybe the matchmaker has brought the feelings of love to everyone. She pushes them off as she is focused on creating a fellowship for Jo, who has come up with something that helps cure multiple cancers. Oh yeah, Alex and Jo are back from their honeymoon and at the hospital. (what a shocker!)

The show ends with Jo earning her fellowship but run by Dr Bailey instead of Meredith- which Meredith isn’t too happy about. Alex also becomes the new chief, I definitely did not see this one coming but it is well deserved. Alex’s character has developed so well and him being now married and the chief shows how much he has matured and grown. Being the season of love, the show ends on a sweet note with Jackson professing his love for Maggie. Definitely the new power couple.

Overall, I was happy with the season premiere. It had the perfect amount of drama, humour, romance and surgeries. As always the cinematography was great, the surgeries and injuries looked so realistic- to the extent that it got borderline creepy. One of my critiques is that we didn’t get the chance to get to know the new characters that much yet. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that Owen and Amelia are yet again found in the ‘will they won’t they’ state- it has been hard to follow their relationship the past few seasons and this season doesn’t seem any different. I think that overall, the characters have had a good development from their premiere on the show. Meredith especially has grown into such a strong character, always taking care of everyone. Obviously, she’s the OG so we can’t help but love her. I am excited to see what this season brings and what drama will ensue.

Tune in next Thursday to watch Grey’s Anatomy on ABC at 8/7c!

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