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LYRX Talks New Single ‘Take the Money’ and Growing Up With Music

March 2, 201910 min read

LYRX, the younger sister of Shay Mooney from the duo Dan + Shay, who’s best known for hit songs “Tequila” and “Speechless”, has a brand new single called “Take the Money“, which is a super fun upbeat take on her down-home roots. LYRX is bringing a whole new look and vibe to country music and has drawn inspiration from her big brother and his success, but now it’s her turn!
In light of her recent single, I sat down with LYRX to talk about music and the huge role it’s played in her life!

Could you talk a little about the inspiration behind your most recent single, “Take the Money”?
This song is all about me stepping out of the machine. Taking control of who I am. I really wanted to inspire others to be who they really are and not let anyone or anything define them! When my co-writers and I wrote this song, I walked in and told them I was sick of people in the industry telling me what I needed to do to “make it”. Country music is about a lifestyle. A way of living. It’s not money that drives me, it’s the fans! It’s the country that we know and love.
How would you describe your music genre to someone who has never heard it before?
I’d say my music is country with southern rock vibes. It’s fun! I want people to have a good time.
You’ve talked about your history as a ‘rebel’ and your affinity towards rock music. How does that play into your writing style today?
Country and rock are my two loves! When I was younger I didn’t know how to express my feelings. I was very private with them. Sometimes it felt like if I said them out loud they’d make me more vulnerable to the world. I would listen to My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Shakira, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, and Rascal Flatts because of the honest lyrics. I’ve never been a sheep. I’ve always fought upstream even when I probably shouldn’t have! You’ll hear both country and rock in my songs. Honest lyrics, but also fun!
Are there parts of your childhood/upbringing that you pull from for inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from home! I grew up on a farm in Arkansas. We milked cows, gathered eggs, and I can make some mean biscuits and gravy! The country is all I knew. Writing country music comes naturally when the lyrics all come from real experiences!
Your brother is Shay of Dan + Shay! What’s that like? Is it nice to have someone in the family a part of the music scene? 
I couldn’t be prouder of Shay! Me, my brother, and my sister, Erica, used to all sing in a trio when we were little. My parents sang in a southern gospel group called “The Mooney Family” and we would travel and sing in churches. We always competed in the county fairs and Shay always had that voice! He and my sister have always inspired me and encouraged me to pursue music. At my single release party, Shay surprised me and hopped up on stage and made me cry. My sister did too, and we all sang a little together. It felt so good having family there, and having Shay here in Nashville with me has made me a better writer and artist for sure.
Is it true that his move south inspired you to pursue music in Nashville? Talk a little about your relationship and your beginnings in music. 
I’ve always been in the south! We both moved to Pittsburgh for a couple of years because I was a little rebel in Arkansas and needed to straighten myself out a little! Shay decided he was going to go with me and that was amazing. He’s always said I was the one that inspired him to become a songwriter, not just a singer. But he’s the one that told me to get my butt to Nashville when I moved back to Arkansas. He said “You have to move here! You gotta be in the middle of music”. So I did. And here we are! 
What has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to do or obstacle you’ve had to overcome in the music industry?
There’s been a few! Being a girl is still probably the most difficult. I’m not gonna go on a feminist rant or anything. But the truth is, it’s tough for a girl here. There’s definitely a boys club and women are expected to look, sing, and act a certain way. I believe things are changing and I don’t fit in the box and it’s ok with me. It’s why we chose to pair up with Oilfire Whiskey. They’ve been amazing to me and allowed me to do the music I believe in! It’s been super cool to see them on the rise as well. I’ve been blessed.
On the other hand, what moment in your career so far has left you the most satisfied or proud?
My single release party most definitely. Seeing my dad, sister, brother, manager Deb, and all of my friends having fun and singing along was a DREAM! I’m still reliving it!
Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?
My sister Erica. She’s such a strong woman and mother of 3 beautiful babies. She’s stuck by my side through every moment of self-doubt and stuck it out with me! She’s always been there for me no matter what. She’s kept me going and told me no matter what to follow my heart. Just such an inspiration to me.
Are you working on any other exciting, forthcoming projects that you want people to know about?
The music video for “Take The Money”! It’s coming out soon and I’m pumped!
Do you have any advice for aspiring artists or bands in the field? How has your success story panned out?
If you think this is going to be an overnight success story, then this is not the industry for you! It takes years of writing and failing to get to a place where you can succeed. It’s a lot of falling and getting up. You’ll have people that hate what you’re doing, and people that love it. You’ll doubt yourself and your abilities and so will people that you might respect. The only way to make it through all of that is to truly love what you do. Music has to be your entire life. I’ve definitely paid my dues! I’m still writing my success story. I’m trying to be better every day. My manager Deb and I have gone through a lot to get where we are at now. It’s not been easy but worth it!
Any last thoughts?
Just one. Thank you for supporting the single! I truly appreciate it.
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