Now Reading: Interview: Rising Singer-Songwriter Madison Cunningham’s New LP “Who Are You Now”


Interview: Rising Singer-Songwriter Madison Cunningham’s New LP “Who Are You Now”

August 23, 20193 min read

Who Are You Now, cover

This week marks the release of talented singer-songwriter Madison Cunningham’s new LP Who Are You Now. The 22-year-old from Orange County, California has found an affinity for performing and creating music at a young age, having picked up the guitar at seven years old. By the time she was twelve, Madison was singing and performing with her siblings in church, and by age fifteen, worked out that songwriting was a passion she wanted to pursue; it is no wonder that her music today expresses such maturity and lyrical masterfulness.

Madison says of the LP: “The past year was a largely transitional one for me. It felt like all at once I was living in a new city and a new era of my life. Writing this record really forced me to take an honest look at where I came from, what my dreams and fear were, and who I was becoming as a result.”

Get to know more about your new favorite artist below:

What do you hope to convey to your listeners in your new LP?
After months of working through the songs, cutting through the deadweight to get to the matter, you can only hope that your listeners walk away with something real and not just a shadow of what you thought it would be. This record was written from a very autobiographical standpoint, and if the listeners only walk away with my story, then the mission was too small. But if they find a broader narrative that can be traced back to their own lives, then I feel that the record has fulfilled its purpose.

Who and what have been your biggest musical inspirations for your work?
Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, among countless others!

How did you learn to sing, write, and play songs?
Through watching other people do it. First by watching my dad at home, and then by listening to our great mothers and fathers of music. Like my friend says, there’s no manual for songwriting, it’s something in you.

What makes your new LP different from your previous work?
It’s nothing astronomically different from work I’ve released before.  It remains very much in the pallet. But the songs and tones are more realized I think. We took more risk this time around.

Anything we should keep an eye for in the coming months?
I’ll be touring the record a lot this year, opening for some really great bands. Plus I’m bringing my own band which I’m extra excited to play with.  Would love to see you at a show!

Stream Who Are You Now on Spotify.

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