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Makeup Artists of Color To Be On the Lookout For In 2018

December 25, 20175 min read

Esme Marfo

Makeup Artists of Color To Be On the Lookout For In 2018

Major makeup company’s such as Covergirl and Maybelline have been recently choosing social media famous makeup artists to become a spokesperson for them. However, most of the artists chosen are white and many colored makeup artists are under appreciated. Most of the time, the talent of POC MUA’s go unnoticed. Here are some makeup artists of color that deserve more recognition for their phenomenal talent:

1. Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley is a 22-year-old Youtube star with almost 850,000 subscribers. Ashley became interested in makeup when she would watch her mom do makeup in front of the mirror and considers her mom her hero. Alissa has recently released a lip gloss with E.L.F. The majority of her YouTube content is makeup reviews and how-to makeup looks. She is also fascinated with photography and has been branching out into that lately. Alissa can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

2. Ivy Kungu

Ivy Kungu

Ivy Kungu is a Kenyan beauty influencer from Texas. Kungu didn’t seriously get into makeup until April 2016. Ivy has more than 30,900 followers on Twitter and more than 34,100 followers on Instagram. Kungu’s Youtube channel consists of tutorials on looks such as “Smokey Festival” and “Valentine’s Day Half Cut Crease”. She also uses her Twitter to bring awareness to social issues.

3. MisssWendyLe


Wendy got started on YouTube two years ago and has almost 47,000 subscribers. Not only does Wendy do makeup, but she also does comedy and acting. She makes a lot of funny and relatable videos on Instagram. Le is bilingual and speaks both English and Vietnamese.

4. Antoniobtwo


Antonio Bermudez first got into makeup earlier this year. Bermudez is from Michigan and currently lives in Vegas. He is Mexican, Black, White, and Spaniard. Antonio is a queer male and came out when he was a senior in high school. He loves fashion and is interested in modeling. He creates Youtube videos about topics such as growing up gay and how acne doesn’t define people. Antonio creates a lot of colorful looks, most which can be found on either his Twitter or Instagram.

5. Haylee Anise

Haylee Anise

Haylee Anise is a beauty influencer and cosmetologist. She is an 18-year-old with unimaginable talent. Haylee went viral after posting a makeup look and writing “Red, Yellow, and blue cause I’m the Primary b*tch“. She is a student and has a beauty and makeup YouTube channel where she does makeup tutorials and hauls. Haylee posts the majority of her looks on her Twitter and also tweets about social issues.

6. Alexandra Leyva

Alexandra Levya

Alexandra is a quirky 18-year-old who creates colorful creative eyeshadow looks. She has a YouTube channel with over 34,000 subscribers and hopes to turn Youtube into her career. She has been doing makeup since the summer of 2016. The majority of her videos are makeup tutorials, but she also does hauls and reviews.

7. Amarie Proctor

Amarie Proctor

Amarie is a 21-year-old makeup artist from Savannah, Georgia. She has over 74,500 followers on Instagram, where she posts a lot of colorful and playful looks. After discovering that there was going to be a black Powerpuff girl, Amarie posted a look (shown above) inspired by the Powerpuff.

8. Drebae


DeAndre Clark is a 20-year-old makeup enthusiast from the Bay Area. He has a following of over 82,200 on his Twitter. Not only does he do makeup, but Drebae is also interested in music. He recently sent Nicki Minaj one of his raps and she gave him her stamp of approval. Drebae is a queer black male in the beauty community, and as a result, he faces racism and homophobia. He fights for LGBTQ+ rights using his platform.

There are so many talented makeup artists of color out there that do not receive the praise they deserve. These are just a few who are up and coming and people should keep an eye out for them in the coming year.

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