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Meet Ibrahim Seisay: A Young & Talented Photographer

May 8, 20174 min read

Meet Ibrahim Seisay.

Ibrahim Seisay is a young creative with a passion. He got started around 6 years ago in 2011 off a casual whim. Photography was something that interested him, but it didn’t begin as something serious to him. He started off self-taught, shooting what he could when he could. Then 2013 rolled around and he realized this is something he loved, something he can do, something he can center his life around. Photography became a way of life for him.

For the ’14-’15 school year, he joined an actual photography class and met Mrs. Buchanan. She really gave a professional touch to his underground sort of style. She is why Yoko Studios is what it is today. He’d like to thank her as well as the people he considered family #5180 for always being down for whatever and ready for any last minute photo shoot.

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When did you get your first camera and what kind was it?

“I was around about 11 when I got my first camera it was one of those standard point and shoots my parents were just about to throw it away until I saw it. At that point I picked it up and would just walk around my neighborhood taking pictures of anything. I remember taking it to school and just taking pictures of EVERYTHING, all my teachers would know me by “the boy with the camera”. I would have small photo shoots with my friend every time we got off the bus.”

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Has your work been featured anywhere unique?

“I’ve been featured in small local online magazines and a couple local art shows as well, but never in anything big and global.”

What inspires your photography?

“When I was 13 I learned that I lost my elder brother a few years after he was born, there was no photos nor video of him due to my parents not having anything to keep photos or video of him so learning this really threw me over the edge and actually pushed me to take this thing a little more seriously as in keeping record of anything within photos. My photography teacher was the guiding hand in my path to photography she thought me the basics along with helping me in any way she can which motivated me to actually see where I can go with photography.”

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Where do you see yourself with photography in 10 years?

“I want to own my own small studio building along with being a shooter for a magazine or clothing brand. I want my work to also be more accessible and more public for more people to get a chance to witness it.”

What can we expect from you in the near future?

“Film, for a very long time I was afraid to record video due to my inexperience but I’ve learned I will never grow if I’m scared to expand my knowledge so expect more movies and videos coming from yoko.”

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