Now Reading: Marvel Studios Just Released The “Black Widow” Teaser Trailer And Fans Are Super Excited


Marvel Studios Just Released The “Black Widow” Teaser Trailer And Fans Are Super Excited

December 3, 20196 min read

Today marks the day of the first glimpse that we get of what Marvel Studios has in store for Phase Four.

On December 3rd, Marvel Studios dropped the first-ever teaser trailer of Black Widow which will be the film that marks the beginning of Marvel Phase Four. With all the hype and because fans have been waiting for a Black Widow movie, the teaser trailer managed to get 21 thousand views in just two minutes of its release. Alongside this teaser, Marvel Studios also gives us a brand new teaser poster.

The trailer starts with Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) looking at herself in a mirror as her voice narrates with her famous Avengers: Endgame quote; “I used to have nothing. Then I got this job, this family.”. As she narrates, iconic scenes from previous Avengers movies plays, such as bits of Scarlet Witch’s illusion that showed Natasha when she was still in the Red Room in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then the Marvel Studios appears and it shifts colors from the normal white and red Marvel Studios logo to red and black which are Black Widow’s colors. The next scenes show Natasha on a train platform and a brief appearance of Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt).

In those scenes, Natasha says as she also narrates that she is done running from her past and then it shows her walking into an, what it seems, abandoned building that looks like an old apartment. Then the teaser trailer gives us a brief scene of Natasha fighting a blonde woman that is Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) and Natasha calls her “sis”. The rest of the trailer is packed with thrilling action scenes and scenes that excite the fans. Like Natasha’s new white-colored suit, a look of girls training in what it seems like the Red Room, Taskmaster that seems to be the main villain in this movie, Alexei Shostakov a.k.a the Red Guardian (David Harbour) and Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz) and ends with a massive and awesome battle scene.

Marvel, as always, done a very great job on exciting fans and makes us wonder and theorize. There’s one particular scene that still gets me wondering. In a scene after Natasha meets Yelena, Yelena asks of what she’s doing coming “home” and Natasha replies by saying that both of them have unfinished business. What does she mean by “unfinished business”? Who do Natasha and Yelena have unfinished business with? The Red Room? Taskmaster? Also, if you look at the IMDb page for this movie, you’ll see Robert Downey Jr. in the cast list and he is casted as Tony Stark, even though still rumored. Is the rumor turn out to be true? If so, is it just going to be a flashback or an actual cameo?

Now, Marvel also took a brave twist in this movie. The new characters seem to be pretty different than they are in the comics. Yelena Belova has a pretty complicated story with Natasha while in this teaser she calls her “sis”. Alexei Shostakov is Natasha’s ex-husband while in this teaser he looks way too old to be with Natasha. Melina Vostokoff is Iron Maiden who hates Natasha while in the teaser she and Natasha are sitting peacefully on the table as she teases Alexei of being fat. Now, I may haven’t read a Black Widow standalone comic but this brave twist will probably be a little risky for those who love Black Widow comics.

But, all and all, this first teaser trailer looks stunning and promising; the visuals are gorgeous and the music sounds epic. Now, I’m not so sure about who composed the teaser trailer music but according to the Marvel Cinematic Universe fan wiki, Henry Jackman will be the music composer of this movie, and the teaser trailer music has a pretty similar vibe to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War and Jackman was the composer in those two movies. Henry Jackman’s scores for those two movies are incredibly impressive and I definitely can’t wait to hear his score for Black Widow.

The release date of this movie hasn’t changed and will be released on May 1st, 2020. There might be some unanswered questions here but this is just a teaser trailer. Even from this first teaser trailer, I can tell that this movie is gonna be epic and Natasha Romanoff is definitely getting what she deserves in her debut standalone movie.

Featured image via screenshot from Marvel Entertainment official YouTube channel

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