Now Reading: Kim Kardashian West Defends Jeffree Star’s Racism and Drags Herself


Kim Kardashian West Defends Jeffree Star’s Racism and Drags Herself

August 15, 20177 min read

Kim Kardashian West, who actually was once one of the least problematic and most genuine out of all the Kardashian/Jenner clan, just demonstrated that she’s actually as ignorant as the rest.

Now, before I come for Kim’s wig, I want to mention that I’m actually a huge fan of Kim, specifically, and I will still (hopefully) love her after this. I actually never thought I’d see the day where I have to slander Kim so just know that, yes, I’m hella upset. My aim with this article is to educate her, other white people and non-black people who think they have a say in racial issues concerning black people. (News flash: you really don’t.)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Mrs. Kardashian West took to Snapchat to tell her fans and followers to stop spreading “petty negativity” about Jeffree Star because he said the swatches of her new contour kit looked bad. However, that so called “negativity” was people rightfully dragging Jefree over his racist past. She could’ve stopped there but instead, she continued on by telling us to just “get over” Jeffree’s racist past because “people change” and his racist actions happened a long time ago. Kim mentioned that she “hates when people bring up [her] past, so to stop bringing up [Jeffree’s] past”. Except, there is no correlation between a sex tape that was leaked without consent and someone consciously deciding to make hateful racist or misogynistic remarks; it’s just not comparable.

Yes, you read that right, in addition to being racist, Jeffree Star is also extremely misogynistic, which is ironic considering Kim’s a woman with a black husband and black children trying to defend him. For those who don’t remember, Jeffree Star’s extremely racist, anti-black and misogynistic past came to surface not long ago:

Obviously, Jeffree Star never expected any of these video clips to come to light so he never addressed them or issued an apology. However, once they did surface, Jeffree realized he needed some good PR, so he issued a half-assed apology on his YouTube channel, of course monetized, (get those coins, sis) using the same defense Kim did. In fact, to make matters worse, Jeffree blamed being racist on his depression and anger due to a rough upbringing as though there’s any correlation whatsoever.

For those who don’t understand what I’m hinting at, what Mr. Star attempted to do here was victimize himself and create a sob story out of his “rough past” so that his fans would continue to defend him. Instead of owning up to his racist remarks and his appalling behaviour, Jeffree Star simply made excuses, something white people tend to do a lot. For more, read Why We Shouldn’t Be So Quick To Forgive Jeffree Star.

Furthermore, even after this entire debacle of Jeffree getting exposed and having to apologize, he came for Jackie Aina earlier this year using racist slurs, once again. To give you some context, Aina made an anti-haul video where she stated she would not be using or reviewing Jeffree Star Cosmetics products due to Star’s racist past, which is completely understandable. Aina has one of the biggest beauty channels on YouTube and she’s a black woman: there’s no need for her to be giving her money to a racist. Regardless, once Jeffree Star got a hold of this information, he proceeded to call Aina a rat, uneducated and broke which are all terrible stereotypes and misrepresentations associated to being a black woman.

He also still seems to think he can monopolize off of poverty as an “aesthetic.”

The issue with Kim defending this type of person is that it’s not her place as a white woman to be telling black people whose apology to accept after they make such horrible racist remarks. Kim can believe that people change for the better and that people can be taught to love (as she explained in her apology Snapchats) but only Black people can and will decide when to forgive a racist, if ever.

Jeffree Star has proved himself to not be a “changed person” or a “loving person” multiple times so the next time Kim wants to defend someone this problematic, she needs to do her research. By defending this sorry excuse of a man, Kim dragged herself under the same bus Black people dragged Jeffree under months ago and that’s a hard bus to crawl back out from. Kim can stick to collaborating with problematic YouTubers all she pleases, she just needs to realize that her fans will most likely come for her because, at that point, she becomes guilty by association.

With that being said, one can only hope that Kim will have the same energy to defend her children when a white person calls them n*ggers or maybe she’ll have the same energy to be an activist when white supremacists are gathering together shouting “Black Lives Don’t Matter” in 2017.

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