Now Reading: Maude Latour Debuts a Stellar EP: ‘Starsick.’ A Track by Track Review.


Maude Latour Debuts a Stellar EP: ‘Starsick.’ A Track by Track Review.

November 15, 20196 min read

Maude Latour sees the world through her starry eyes and stellar mindfulness. Latour shows it through her lyrical performances created herself. The album featured seven songs and a new wave of pop that is heavily impacted by indie, alternative, and soft pop. Latour’s writing was greatly acknowledged and appreciated by the Songwriters Hall of Fame as she was awarded the Abe Olman Scholarship earlier this year. On November 15, Maude Latour released her new EP: Starsick.

“Starsick” – 8.5/10

“Starsick” opens the album into a new dimension of youth. Maude Latour hums her new revolutionary idea that is relevant and recent to today’s norms. Once the chorus is introduced, an unexpected twist is vividly heard. The beat is light yet vibrant filled with whimsical vocals. A radio-like voice comes and goes throughout the song, but Latour’s voice is truly mesmerizing to overcome it. Latour dramatically ends the song in a slower tempo from when she started. Ironically, Latour starts the EP with “Starsick” and ends with “Lovesick” which she mentioned in the outro.

“Superfruit” – 8/10

Maude Latour’s vocals are fully transparent in “Superfruit.” The summer song is a delicate upbeat that is shining bright unlike the lyrics. The lyrics are real, raw and relatable. Latour is not afraid to tell others her dislikes and her fears. Mostly, involving her fear of dying and being lonely. However, her fears do not stop Latour from realizing that life is inevitable, relatable and refreshable. “Superfruit” is the shortest produced song from the EP, but is surely repeatable for a casual day.

“Plans” – 8.5/10

The third track of the EP is melodious. Latour begins to describe a steady party with no excitement until a stranger enlightens her mood. As Latour is singing her story, the tone of the song aligns with the lyrics. Before the chorus begins, a steady stillness transition to the beats of drums and finger-snapping. The beat begins as Latour takes on her adventure with her crush. Latour is willing to cancel her plans to be with her crush. Frankly, the listeners are unthinkingly watching – in this case, hearing Latour and her crush fall in love which is the best part.

“Shoot and Run” – 9/10

The 2018 single “Shoot and Run” makes a return in Starsick. The song defines a “You jump, I jump” type of love that is seen in pop music, but Latour makes her own twist out of it. Latour confesses to her lover that her mind can be changed in a matter of time. Therefore, Latour can easily break their heart yet her lover is willing to take a chance. The sound of the song is adventurous as the beat of the drums and the rhythm of the electric piano overlaps in a clear way. “Shoot and Run” is the perfect teen angst anthem to hear on the car radio.

“Ride My Bike” – 9/10

Maude Latour makes another unpredictable song as you may believe “Ride My Bike” is another soft pop tempo when really it’s not. Latour releases stress through a night ride in Manhattan. Her freedom truly feels electric like a runner’s high. As it is shown through her vocals when Latour emphasizes “runner’s high.” The bridge of the song stole the show. It’s fast-paced, but meaningful as Latour summarizes Starsick. In fact, Latour experienced a sense of character development as she is no longer afraid to die.

“Lovesick” – 10/10

“Lovesick” closed the EP with an angelic harmony. The song differs from the other songs from the EP by the production created. The introduction is overshadowed by a static voiceover. Then transitions into a performance of harmonic vocals that sway the song into a new direction. “Lovesick” is nostalgic for lost feelings which happens to refer to the songs from the EP. The elements from previous songs made “Lovesick.” A new element was introduced as Latour promises a change in the outro of the song: a change to save the planet from the destructiveness that is caused by people. Latour ends with a powerful statement that is worth to think about, “Cause what more is than this life than who we become, the places we go, and the love I have for.”

Maude Latour truly planned Starsick from start to finish. It can be vividly seen through the inner meanings of the songs. Each song carefully transitions to a new part of life. Latour’s mindfulness is creative and ironic since she started with “Starsick” and ended with “Lovesick.” Maude Latour’s voice is impactful against the tempo of indie and soft pop. Ultimately, Maude Latour is changing music to have a deeper meaning in life to come together as a whole. Read Affinity’s exclusive interview with Maude Latour.

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