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Meet Carlie Hanson, the Artist You’ll Be Obsessed With

March 29, 20182 min read

Carlie Hanson is a seventeen-year-old upcoming indie-pop artist raised in rural Wisconsin with a chill, but raw attitude behind her music.

Born on May 18, 2000, she’s an independent singer that first came into the spotlight in 2017 when she released the single “Why Did You Lie?” that delivers a certain darkness and confidence topped with catchy lyrics.

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Written in collaboration with LA-based writers Dale Anthoni and Leland, and produced by Canadian duo House of Wolf, the track was released during August.

It’s about a person who she tried to trust, but wasn’t loyal.

During November of the same year, she put out her second single “Only One” that put her on the map on streaming platforms and currently, she has over 21 million streams on Spotify. It was written with Dale Anthoni and  House Of Wolf.

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“Only One” had a spot on the ‘Taylor Swift’s Favorite Songs’ playlist on Apple Music.

Earlier this year, Hanson released her third single titled “Us” that continues to help show her relaxed vibe without any lack of individuality and self-confidence.

Source: Genius

The song is about two people who love each other dearly, but other people doubt their relationship saying it won’t last. Carlie let’s them know that she disapproves and doesn’t care what they think of her relationship.

The track was thoughtfully out on Valentine’s Day 2018 and added to Apple Music’s “The A-List: Pop Playlist” on February 19th.

In Febraury, Hanson took to Twitter to tease an announcement of something that’s “coming soon” and she’s “so stoked” about.

She also thanked her supporters for believing in her and helping her live her dream saying that “this year is going to be so amazing.”

She’s currently in Los Angeles working on new music.

You can stream Carlie’s music on Spotify here.

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