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Meet GUORDAN BANKS: The Star Behind Your Favorite Songs

October 5, 20174 min read

GUORDAN BANKS is the gem you probably didn’t even realized you were obsessed with. He is a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia who first fell in love with music at the young age of 5. Since before he could remember, his family has been filled with strong vocalists who were born with an undeniable passion for music. Guordan just had to find his place.

Photographed by Justin Jerrod

As a small child, he struggled with a speech impediment that held him back from reaching his full potential. Between not being accepted for his elementary school’s rendition of Oliver Twist and his peers steering clear of him, his mom knew that something had to give. It was then that she realized that Guordan’s speech impediment was non-existent when he was singing. And ever since that moment, she has instilled music into his life.

I would literally sing to my mother if I wanted to go to the store, or outside. Whatever I had to say to her, I would sing to her. Through that, I began to build my confidence and learned to talk without a stutter. It helped me to become the songwriter I am today.

To this day, Guordan proudly lets you know he was rejected from that elementary school play because he believes it was that “no” that got him to where he is today. His laundry list of a resume includes songwriting for music veterans like John Legend, Keyshia Cole, K. Michelle, and Lalah Hathway. He has worked on the unforgettable hits like “Who Do We Think We Are” and collaborated with 50 Cent and Meek Mill on “Wins & Losses”, “DC4,” and “Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win.”

If you didn’t know before, you have to know now: GUORDAN BANKS is not to be f*cked with and I am just getting started.

Last year, his first official single, “Keep You In Mind” reached #1 on Billboard’s Urban Adult Contemporary Chart and was featured on Issa Rae’s hit HBO show Insecure. His other single “Mirror” won a Grammy (Yes… a GRAMMY!) He was even named one of the “Top 10 Hip-Hop and R&B artists to Watch in 2017” by Billboard. Guordan’s ridiculous level of talent cannot be overlooked.

To say that Guordan is making his presence be known would be an understatement. GUORDAN BANKS is a name that is not be forgotten.

He is eager to share his upcoming album, UNPOPULAR, with his fans. The title of the album is inspired by his trials and tribulations as a child and conveying that it’s okay to be different. Guordan categorizes the music on the album as “music that simultaneously encompasses romantic immediacy, deep friendship, and world unity.” He understands that today, we need friendship and unity more than ever before. He wants to let his music be the antidote for pain and emotional suffering as well as an outlet.

Be sure to stream his album UNPOPULAR when it drops in November. But in the meantime go bump his newest single “Wanna Be Yours.” Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with his next moves and be the first to know when he’s in your city.

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