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Meet Javon Roye: An Upcoming Poet to Watch

May 31, 20177 min read

Meet Javon Roye.

Javon Roye, also known as Pasaro, is a 21-year-old man from Lanham, Maryland. Javon has been writing poetry, short stories, and other written works for about four years. He has been working on creating a blog titled “The Invisible Actuality” a place where people can enjoy his pieces for amusement or inspiration. You can follow him on Twitter here, to stay updated on all the new things he releases. Check out two of his poems below!

Chambers of dogs

by Javon Roye

Roads bright, filled with mystery.

Cash rules, but not the streets these shameless beasts yearn to tame.

There is no Spider-Man to save the day, food reaches some and forgets others.

Smells of curry, cocoa bread, and more floods the street, teasing the bones with skin, awakening their agonizing cry as they survey the area for scraps. Leftovers found are cherished and praised. Selfishness peeks here in this land and yet the people are often generous enough to leave plates out for the regular fiends. Once their daily fix is achieved, the streets become lively. As they walk around aimlessly, enjoying the cool breeze and beach scents, their language erupts and these little ghetto dogs are triumphant.

Can it all be so simple?


12 o’clock

by Javon Roye

They speak of injustice.

Zeus’s lighting bolt in one hand

The grim reaper in the other

They lash out a storm of questions and demands

Their winds fluster their naked target

Unsure of how to reply because he sees the power in their hands

He meets their eyes and with just a look,

They tell him he’s guilty

This realization tingles his spine and energizes his feet

Off he goes, leaving a trail of flames

But he can’t escape

No amount of speed can strip off his dark paint


Let’s Get To Know Pasaro Better.

When did you start writing and how did it all begin?

I began writing about four years ago; around the time I graduated high school. But it wasn’t until about two years when I began to take it seriously. A close friend of mine encouraged me to keep writing and about a year after that I found myself in a bad situation where I was kicked out of my house for a while and that led to poetry becoming a way for me to express myself.

Is there a special thought process you have for writing?

Sort of, I mean I usually think about random past events, open up my notebook, and write until a subject sticks. However, I find that my best poetry comes from when I focus on events that have really affected me emotionally, physically, or psychologically. When I focus on these events it is draining and it makes me want to stop writing for a while but I think that’s part of what makes my poetry good.

Where do you do most of your writing?

Empty space, I like to have a lot of empty space around me. I don’t write well around other people unless I’m on public transportation. I do most of my writing at night, either outside or in my room. I enjoy the night because I think that’s I get better ideas, perhaps that is because I think the moon is more poetic than the sun. The train is another place that I get a lot of my writing done, seeing different characters and settings all in one train ride always gets my mind going.

Who do you write for, is there a special audience your writing is for?

I never really thought about whom I wrote for but if I had to pick a group of people that I think my work can be suited for it would be for people that are afraid to express themselves and for people that have faced hardships. I say this because about half of my poems are my about my life and the lives of those that have been around me. The other half are about my opinions on politics, religion, all of that. Nowadays, people underestimate the power of writing but I think it’s one of the best ways people can learn about themselves and express themselves.

Are there any new pieces or projects we should be on the look out for?

Most definitely, I have been working on creating a blog for my poetry, short stories, and articles. It’s going to be called “The Invisible Actuality”, I came up with the name after thinking about the book “Invisible Man” as well as the perception people have of poetry, poets, and myself.

We as people get so wrapped up in our own perception of the world that we don’t always see people for what they really are and instead we apply labels that come nowhere near to reflecting the complexity of people. So it’s almost as though reality is often invisible. I want my poetry and other written pieces to help show how complex people actually are. My blog should be up by July 20th.

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