My Black Sandals

July 30, 20172 min read


This poem is symbolic to show that the people in your life, the people you thought would be there forever, may just be an accessory for a while. You planned the rest of your life with that person, but your lives didn’t end up on that path. They hurt you along the way, but you pushed through it until you couldn’t take it anymore and did what was best for you.

I went the whole night without shoes

its funny

I had planned my whole outfit around those shoes

they were black sandals

the kind with the straps that go up your calf

they gave me blisters every time I wore them

but I didn’t care, they complimented me

after a while though, my feet started to hurt

I pushed through it

I mean, I wore those pants to compliment the shoes

what was a little bit of pain?

nothing I hadn’t been through before

I pushed through it

I walked on the sides of my feet

I loosened the straps until they almost untied

I even stuck band-aids on the raw skin

I pushed through it

I pushed through it until blood started staining my feet

I couldn’t walk without being reminded of the missing skin

but then I realized

the shoes are just shoes

and the pants are just pants

yeah, they look good side by side

but it’s what happening on my feet that mattered

those black sandals were cute until they were covered in blood

so I took them off

I went through the whole day

just to take them off and realize

I could have done that so long ago

I could have rid myself of that burden

but I was too worried about the outfit

the big picture

so I took them off

and I went the whole night without shoes

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Lily Van Ness

Lily is a sixteen year old Texan, musician, writer, and food enthusiast.