Now Reading: Missyou’s, Blaise Beyhan, Talks Personal Influence on Music and ‘CloseToYou’ Video


Missyou’s, Blaise Beyhan, Talks Personal Influence on Music and ‘CloseToYou’ Video

May 31, 20196 min read

Based in New York, Missyou is an alt-pop/rock band comprised of Blaise Beyhan (vocals), Omer Wald (guitar), Vincent Quinones (drums), and Pete Valentini (bass). The four-piece creates music heavily grounded in storytelling and finds inspiration in every walk of life. Their most recent EP, YourBody, features six emotional and thought-provoking tracks. I sat down with lead vocalist, Blaise Beyhan, to learn more the personal influence behind Missyou’s music and the inspiration for the “CloseToYou” music video.


Ariel Zedric: When and where was the idea for Missyou born? 

Blaise Beyhan: Outside a small town in Alaska listening to the only radio station we could get and longing for a world filled with more.


How did you guys decide on the band name? 

The idea came from a song I wrote a couple of years ago, there was a long convoluted name for this first song we worked on and felt like it was us, so we plagiarized ourselves in a way.

Courtesy of Blaise Beyhan


You just released your debut EP, YourBody, a few weeks ago, congrats! What’s the main message you want fans to take away? 

I hope it provokes thought, makes people cry, and most of all make them question the world around them.


Can you recall the moment you decided to write YourBody? Is there any event in particular that inspired it, or was it more of a culmination of things?

Most of my songs are plot driven, they are story songs. That one, in particular, is about possession and how futile it is to try to love someone who does not necessarily feel the same. It leads to pain for all parties involved.


Walk me through your music creating process. Does each member have different roles, or do you collaborate on everything? 

I write the songs and produce them with Omer and we bring them to the rest of the band most times. We have a clear vision of what we wanna see usually.


How do you balance between being friends and being bandmates? 

It’s always chaotic to separate your work from your friends, in this case, they are one in the same. There is always push and pull.

Courtesy of Blaise Beyhan


The inspiration behind “CloseToYou” is very personal. Walk me through your writing process for this song. Were there any parts you found difficult? Or cathartic?

“Closetoyou” means a lot to me. A close friend passed, for all intensive purposes, she was a sister to me. I felt as though there was no justice at that moment, she was young and had a young child, she had a hard life and it seemed as though she never won the battles she was fighting. We all want happy endings, and the truth is… none of us are getting out alive. This is the only certainty we have.


What was your favorite part about filming the music video for “CloseToYou”? 

The video was one of the most calming shoots I had done. I write and direct and edit all our videos. That one was somber and beautiful.

Fire imagery was also used in the “YourBody” music video. What does fire represent to you? Is it a visual that comes to mind often when writing music? 

Yes. It represents change and evolution and loss. That’s what Missyou is, it’s about looking back and seeing forward and loving the now. Fire baptizes is all.

Has Missyou encountered any major setbacks or obstacles in the music industry thus far? If so, how has the band overcome them? 

We have seen people not show up for us when we thought we could trust them. We deal in stride, we make music because it’s in us. Because we have to, that keeps us going, we are not here for anyone but us. Hopefully, people can find value in what we do and we can find a label and a team that will stand with us.


What’s your best piece of advice for young aspiring artists? 

Be yourself, don’t try to be anyone but that, humanity, is what binds us, be broken, be torn, have humility, this makes you glow, your imperfections, that is your light. Don’t hide it.


Any last thoughts?

Don’t be too sensitive, don’t live in fear of having an opinion.
Please watch our videos, give us feedback, send us notes, music is about connecting, we are here for that.

All love.


Find Missyou on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Feature image courtesy of Blaise Beyhan

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