Now Reading: Native Run Gives An Inside Look At New Single, “Sleeping in the Bed I Made”


Native Run Gives An Inside Look At New Single, “Sleeping in the Bed I Made”

November 30, 20174 min read

Native Run is a band consisting of Rachel Beauregard and Bryan Dawley: best friends who double as extremely talented musicians. They’ve opened for both Lady Antebellum and Sam Hunt and were featured in Rolling Stones. Their brand new single, “Sleeping in the Bed I Made”, is a soulful rendition that explores the process of loss and heartbreak.

What was the inspiration for your recent single, Sleeping in the Bed I Made”?

Native Run: One of our good friends went through a really hard breakup about a year ago, and that was the impetus for writing this song. We were already writing a different song with our friends, Casey Brown and Parker Nohe, and once we started launching into Sleeping, it practically wrote itself.

How did your band come about? What inspired both of you to pursue music, especially together? 

Native Run: We started playing in church together about 8 years ago, and we loved how our voices blended together- we just became great friends and started writing and playing music with another local musician in our area (Northern Virginia). We never had huge plans we just LOVED touring and eventually we moved to Nashville. Now the rest is history!

What is your writing process like? Collaboration can be difficult, how do you go about the creative process?

Native Run: The first thing we learned as it pertains to the co-writing process is that you can’t be too precious. You have to be willing to let go of your idea or thought, as it may not be the best one! It’s tough to do in the beginning, but you can’t take it personally. Of course, one might think their idea is AWESOME, but if the group doesn’t jump on it, don’t force it, something else will evolve that’s better- and it’s ALL important to get that end result, a beautiful song. Our process is always different. Most often we starts with a title or idea, and build it from the top down, but sometimes Bryan will come in with an awesome instrumental hook, and we’ll build a song off of that. It’s always different:)

Where can people find more of your work? 

Native Run: We are @nativerunmusic on all of the social platforms! Our music is on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora. GET IT EVERYWHERE! 😀 Our website will also have information about shows at

Are you working on any other exciting, forthcoming projects that you want people to know about? 

Native Run: We plan to keep writing, producing and touring as much as possible! We have a couple songs in the hopper we would like to release, but that’ll be for 2018!

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists or bands in the field? 

Native Run: We have truly experienced the big ups and low downs of the music industry. It can sometimes feel like the Wild West and can be demoralizing. The most important thing we’ve learned is to keep your eye on the prize- your music. Don’t let the allure of big talking industry change or alter what YOU do, because it’s unique! You need to understand the business, of course, but stay as close as you can to the joy of creating and playing music. Once the focus gets turned into awards, milestones, charts, or comparison to other artists, the music suffers.

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