Riddle in the Ocean

February 13, 20181 min read

Interpretation is something that I have always wished to entrust upon the eyes that read me. I don’t like to give written meanings to words I have felt. That’s the beauty of it: When one reads between the lines and they take and feel them for something of their own, it is so much deeper.

I am an ocean
awash with saline tears.

At night,
the soaring tidal waves of my brumal blues
embrace hands with the old moon
and bring me to my knees in a wound.
Look what you have done now, dear.
Cause me a lilting tread of ail
and left me to twinge silently
in all my arresting qualms.

I know you mean well,
but my heart’s not that strong;

it can carry my burden
but not your biting words all night long.
I am tired of rising
then collapsing against the shore,
only to do it all over again,
in a desperate repeating sore.

It is never easy
for me to open up;

I fear I might empty myself
if I bleed too many tears.
So, save me
from this self-destructing abomination,
it is not so possible,
but I fear if I drown no one,
I might drown in my own annihilation.

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zay syed

Zay Syed is a rising individual from Pakistan and is an enthusiast of unwashed politics and all other impenetrable phenomenons. She is passionate about human rights, feminism, and young people’s role in government and a just society. She embraces a plethora of career goals, but her main purpose is to make humanity better for a better world. When she is not found writing or eating or sleeping, she is reading poetry or drinking tea a little too much a day. For any questions, queries or concerns, you can contact her through her Twitter or Email.