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Naya Rivera Arrested for Domestic Battery

November 26, 20172 min read

Former ‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera was charged with domestic battery yesterday, November 25. The assault happened while walking their young son down the street near their home in Chesapeake, West Virginia. Ryan Dorsey alleges that Rivera hit him on both the head and on the bottom lip.

Dorsey also showed the police a video of the battery, which prompted the police arrest Rivera. The 30-year-old actress was arraigned early this morning at Kanawha County Magistrate Court. Video of the arraignment shows her silently listening to the judge’s comments while visibly upset and close to tears.

Domestic battery, while a misdemeanor, can still result in a year in prison and up to a 500 dollar fine. She was released on 1000 dollar bail.

The couple filed for divorce in 2016, but have since gotten back together. While there are no reports showing a pattern of this behavior from Rivera, it is still a serious matter.

Her ex, Big Sean, also reacted to the allegations with a video with the caption, “I told y’all.” He previous called off his wedding to Rivera because of her “violent fits of anger and jealousy.

The whole ordeal has shone a bit of light on how women can be abusers in relationships. While they aren’t as common as male abusers in relationships, their actions are just as painful and damaging. It also shows how men can be victims of these kinds of crimes as well. Ryan Dorsey was brave to call the police, and it sets an example of what to do if you are in a situation like that.

If you are in a domestic abuse situation, you can get out and are not alone. Please visit this website for a domestic abuse help chat, or call 1-800-799-7233, if you’re deaf or hard of hearing, 1-855-812-1011 or 1-800-787-3224. Spanish is also available.

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