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New Artists On The Rise: Who Is Martin Luke Brown?

July 27, 20173 min read

Upon skimming down my Instagram feed leisurely I stumbled upon a video. This video, when clicked on cradled me into a lull of beautiful layering not dissimilar to the works of Bon Iver, yet not quite equal to Bon Iver’s pieces too. ‘I’ve gone and found another Justin Vernon, in a musical world deprived of such a style’. I thought to myself as I ventured on to Youtube to type this new musical favourite into my search bar. The name I typed was ‘Martin Luke Brown;, upcoming British artist who typically creates music of the Alternative or Indie-Folk genre.

It was Brown’s ‘Into Yellow’ that made me feel as though I had found something pretty special. The song left me reminiscent of the nights I would spend laying on my bed with candles lit to the likes of Bon Iver, Sigur Rós. Brown’s ‘Into Yellow’ did not seem dissimilar to the transcendental vocals and instrumentals belonging to the artists that I have been following for years. ‘Into Yellow‘ was only released this year, in 2017. Brown posted a video singing the new song on his Instagram where on the same post he revealed that he will be releasing a live version of the piece at Air Studios in London.

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Although, this is not all that exists from the new singer/songwriter. He also has other pieces out. ‘Nostalgia‘ was the second song that my mouse was lead to upon browsing the channel of this new voice. In ‘Nostalgia‘, from my interpretation, Brown discusses in his lyrics the inevitability of growing up and yearning for youth once more (“…stare at photographs…smile for the things stuck in the past…“). ‘Nostalgia‘ is much less alike to the transcendental ‘Into Yellow’. ‘Nostalgia‘ seems to have an undertone of the ‘pop’ genre. Other tracks created by Brown that I discovered were derived from his 2015 EP ‘Take Out of Me‘.  ‘Bring It Back To Me’ featured on Grey’s Anatomy. Bring It Back To Me‘ features of Brown’s great vocal range (as of old…) partnered with a piano accompaniment. Other tracks from his existing EP are ‘Thorns‘, ‘Stitch‘ and ‘Take Out Of Me‘ which these three tracks truly echo the genre of Pop as opposed to his more recent tracks.

The artist on his own Instagram wrote to his followers via a caption that there will be more music from him on the way following ‘Into Yellow‘. If you desire to check out Martin Luke Brown after reading this article you can find all of his social media links on his website. It is worth it, I promise.


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