Now Reading: New Missions, More Stormstroopers, And No Grogu?: A Review of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Two Episode Seven


New Missions, More Stormstroopers, And No Grogu?: A Review of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Two Episode Seven

December 26, 20205 min read

Warning: This article contains spoilers of The Mandalorian season two, episode seven.

In this episode of The Mandalorian, Mando builds a team and heads to an Imperial camp in order to get the coordinates of Moff Gideon’s ship. I quite enjoyed this episode due to its being action-packed. Even better, the writers decided to bring back Bill Burr‘s character- Migs Mayfeld. I must say I was a bit unsure about the reunion at first, as last time we purely saw him as a deceitful, selfish enemy of Mando. However, in this episode the writers truly unraveled why Mayfeld acts the way he is, as well as introducing to us a kind-hearted version of Migs.

Bill Burr in The Mandalorian (2019). Image via YouTube.

As mentioned before, the main aim within this episode was for Mando to get the coordinates for Moff Gideon’s ship. However, in doing so there were A LOT of exciting and tense scenes that really allowed us to be hooked to the episode. One of the most intense scenes of this episode had to be the fact that both Mando and Migs disguise their selves as Stormtroopers in order to get into the Imperial camp. In doing so, they hijack an Imperial truck that is loaded with explosives. As if that is not scary enough, there is extra pressure added they have pirates on their case who want to blow the transports. Luckily enough, we have two conveniently skilled characters who just about make it to the Imperial camp. Furthermore, another extremely tense scene was when Mando had to get the coordinates for the ships. In getting the coordinates he had to remove his mask, which yet again showed Mando going against his beliefs. It seems that we are finally seeing a side to Mando who is willing to break away from his orthodox beliefs in order to save those who truly matter to him. Similarly, this scene served well in showing just how much Grogu means to him, along with revealing an empathetic side to Migs Mayfeld who promises not to tell the others.

The Mandalorian (2019). Image via YouTube.

I quite liked the army aesthetic to this episode, with the Imperial trucks and the tropical environment, it reminded me of a scene you might expect out of Apocalypse Now. To top this off, the episode was coated with brown, yellows and green colours that really added to this war-like aesthetic. Speaking of aesthetics,  I must say Ludwig Goransson is definitely honing his musical talents in these last few episodes. I felt that in this episode it really started to sound like a Star Wars score, with his own little touches, which differed from the previous episode’s score that reminded me of Alien (1979).

One thing I must say was that I found the ending extremely cringe-worthy. The episode ended with Migs Mayfeld being set free which I wasn’t so keen on. Firstly, Migs is set free on a planet that he is surely wanted on and realistically has little chance of survival. Secondly, I felt that they were too easy to forgive him after what he did last season- though he was extremely helpful and empathetic in this episode. I personally would have liked him to have gone with the crew so we could see more of his character. Nonetheless, I hope we can see more of his character in coming seasons.

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian (2019). Image via YouTube.

Though this was yet another filler episode, I definitely enjoyed the episode a lot. It was action packed and allowed the characters to get one step closer to saving Baby Yoda and bringing the season to its finale. Speaking of Baby Yoda, this was the first episode that we had no Grogu and I must say his cuteness and comic relief was definitely missed! There is so much to be resolved in our season finale, but most importantly will Mando achieve in getting Baby Yoda back?


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