Now Reading: Noname to Change Mixtape Cover Art After Sexual Assault Allegations


Noname to Change Mixtape Cover Art After Sexual Assault Allegations

October 23, 20183 min read

Just weeks after releasing her second mixtape, Chicago based rapper Noname has pulled the cover art for Room 25 in light of allegations of sexual assault as well as battery against the cover’s designer, Bryant Giles.

On October 8th, Giles was arrested in Noname’s home city of Chicago for a misdemeanour domestic violence that resulted in bodily harm, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Chicago authorities say that the arrest followed after Giles allegedly grabbed his girlfriend, Ellie Danisch, by the throat, throwing her at the wall, and hitting her hard in the throat. Danisch later had to be hospitalized.

After hearing these allegations, Noname did not wait to distance herself and her music from the alleged abuser. She took to Twitter and sent a clear message to her fans, and anyone else that listens to her music. The artist tweeted, “In light of recent allegations, I will be working to replace the cover artwork of Room 25. I will always stand up for victims and believe their stories. My heart goes out to Ellie, her family, and all survivors of abuse”.

Noname formidable stance against Giles follows the recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme court. After his nomination, allegations of sexual assault surfaced against the then judge. His accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, came forward and publically testified about the allegations and what she remembered of the events. Despite her testimony and the F.B.I. investigation that followed, Kavanaugh was still confirmed, and now holds a lifetime appointment for the highest ranking court in America.

Following Blasey’s testimony and the appointment of Kavanaugh, people banned together to take a stand in favor of victims and survivors, spreading the hashtag #IStandWithSurvivors and #IBelieveHer.

The choice that Noname made is a direct reflection of the impact survivors sharing their stories has on a generation, regardless of when or how it happened.

Noname deliberate and distinct actions against Giles is another step forward in the end of rape culture and sexual assault and harassment. Taking down assailants and refusing to give them glorification is important progress in the movement.

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