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Obsession Always Becomes Uncontrollable: A Review Of The Sixth Episode Of “YOU”

October 16, 20187 min read

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Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from Season 1 Episode 6 of YOU.

It may seem like crime only happens in cities like New York, but this episode of You proves that real misdemeanours occur where no one is watching. Proving she can be even more high maintenance than we thought, Peach whisks Beck off to her estate in Greenwich because she claims to need her support after she was attacked. In the last episode, we learned that Peach is manipulative and sees her friends as her personal game- if she needs emotional support, it should probably be from a professional. The Salinger property is Connecticut is everything you’d expect it to be- timeless and breathtaking. It’s the type of home where everything is perfect, and it doesn’t appear that anything bad could happen. Of course, Joe follows them out there. Joe and Peach are a risky combination, as we all know, so Joe’s decision to follow them outside the city could only result poorly.

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In addition to Joe following the girls, viewers also saw a lot more of Joe’s inner demons. Head trauma and nostalgia alike bring out hallucinations of an old girlfriend. He flashbacks to times he spent with her. We’ve heard this woman’s name before- Candace. Joe mentioned her at a party that Peach hosted, where he saw one of Candace’s friends. He never wanted to talk about her- all we knew was that she left him. Once again, Joe hid a huge part of his life from Beck. It may seem unfair to say that Joe should’ve told her what happened with Candance, but her lack of knowledge on how he treated his ex-girlfriend is something that will probably become a problem in the series’ future. Joe implied to Beck that he had done nothing but love Candace, but this episode makes it pretty clear that his perspective of the story is far from the truth. Unsurprisingly, it’s presented that Joe was jealous of his former partner, which explains his outlandish desire to stalk his new love interest’s every move. It was only a few weeks ago that Joe could be seen watching Beck with other men, and even then he was upset with a girl who was not yet his girlfriend the same way that he was upset with Candace. After the countless amount of times that she accused him of being dangerous, Peach finally realizes in this episode what Joe has been up to. She starts to unfold all of his actions- stalking her, stealing her laptop, trying to take Beck away from her. Joe completely denies it, but Peach doesn’t buy his sickening act. I anticipate as we view on, Joe’s lack of control over his obvious mental health troubles will become more of a problem.

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Something that becomes obvious is how horrible a friend Peach really is. Without Beck’s best interest in mind, she attempts to convince Beck to live in France with her. This is completely ignorant of the fact that Beck loves New York, where she’s getting her MFA degree. She’s doing this for one very specific reason- to get Beck away from Joe. Not to keep her safe, just to get her away from the person who divides Beck’s attention away from Peach and toward himself. Peach keeps up with her endeavour to persuade Beck into thinking that Joe is a threat to try and give Beck a reason to leave him. One detail I did notice about the series as a whole is that nothing particularly dangerous has happened to Beck that hadn’t already occurred before the show started. Everything that Joe has done has been behind her back. Peach became more treacherous than ever in this episode, and Joe can see her as she watches Beck without her knowledge. He even had the audacity to say “How dare she invade your privacy like that? It’s perverse,” as if he’s not doing the exact same thing to both of them. This episode shed more light than before on how Peach is just as ill-minded as Joe. I guess you could say Beck will stay safe because one of her stalkers claims to want the best for her. I think in the end, Beck will find herself in hot water because of her need for attention, particularly from people she doesn’t realize she shouldn’t trust. Risky things have happened to Peach and Joe- I guess that’s karma. Despite all the drama that occurs in this episode, I’m not going to say it was as captivating as the last. Though it was still strange and entertaining in its own odd way, it didn’t keep my eyes glued to the TV the way the other episodes in this series have, and I wasn’t blown away by any of the character’s actions. It was a little more predictable than normal. However, I’d still recommend watching it despite that.

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