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Pete Davidson’s Best Moments on SNL

September 2, 20185 min read

Pete Davidson became a household name overnight after the announcement of his engagement to pop singer Ariana Grande. But even before he was known as the guy with “big d*ck energy”, or as the recipient of the love song Ariana Grande sings on her new album, Davidson was already an accomplished comedian on Saturday Night Live.

The 24-year-old joined the cast of SNL in 2014 and is the fourth-youngest cast member in the show’s history. Born in Staten Island, Davidson started stand-up as a teenager. His comedy often draws from his personal life, as he deals with topics such as drugs and depression. Though his jokes may be controversial, Davidson is well-loved by audiences and is seen by many as an adorable and refreshingly honest addition to SNL.

Here are some of the funniest clips he has appeared in:

1. Pete Davidson on Staten Island

Unlike the other cast members on Weekend Update who play characters or roles, Pete uses the segments to rant about his personal opinions using his real-life persona. In this particular Weekend Update, Davidson explains to anchor Colin Jost, who is also from Staten Island, why he doesn’t want to go home for Thanksgiving. Davidson said Staten Island hates him but adores Jost. The reason for this? “You represent what they could be, the kid who got out– he went to Harvard!” Davidson said. “I represent what they are: a mentally ill community college dropout who got a Game of Thrones tattoo before watching the show.”

2. Meet Cute

In this sketch, Steve (Pete Davidson) and Claire (Kristin Stewart) meet cute at a coffee shop. They agree to go on date later that night, but as she leaves the coffee shop, Steve realizes he doesn’t know her last name, her number, or where and when they plan to meet. The sketch makes fun of the unrealisticness of romantic movies, and how important details are often left out. Steve desperately tries to reach her, going through phone books and asking strangers on the street before finally yelling “Claire!” right in front of what just happened to be her apartment building. The situation ensues once again when Claire asks him to come up but shuts the window before Pete can ask what apartment she’s in.


3. Bachelor Auction

Davidson’s recurring character “Chad” is the awkward, clueless guy with a deadpan delivery that has made him an audience favorite. In “Bachelor Auction,” he somehow woos bidders (Saoirse Ronan, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Aidy Bryant) with his unimpressive “talents,” such as a dance he invented called the “doink-doink.” As his talents get more and more hilarious, the bidders are more and more attracted to him, bidding up to 10 million dollars.

4. Pool Boy

A married woman (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), struggles to end the affair with her pool boy, Chad, because she is heartbroken, but also because Chad is completely disengaged from the conversation and doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on. He interrupts her long emotional speech to inform her of the dead squirrel he found in the pool. His blank, vacant stares, and monotone “Aw, okay”s steal the show.

5. Pete Davidson on Donald Trump

Davidson addresses his disappointment about the election results, and how Donald Trump has ruined marijuana for him. “Donald Trump being president is something I used to say when I was high, and laugh at how crazy it is,” Davidson said. “I’m high right now,” he continues, “and it is not funny.” Davidson also expresses his concern that with Trump as president, now anyone thinks they can run, such as Kanye West. “We as a country need to agree that if it isn’t over a sick beat, we don’t want to listen to anything Kanye West as to say ever again,” Davidson said.


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