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Pop Princess Mahogany LOX Talks New Music And Inspiring Confidence

April 23, 20207 min read

If you’ve gone on TikTok in the past year, you’ve undoubtedly heard Mahogany LOX, if you somehow haven’t heard of her. She’s been a major influence behind some of the app’s boldest choreography, with her confidence anthem “Take Your Man” being used over 1.7 million times.

Mahogany has been in the game much longer than TikTok, though. She’s been making an impact online for almost a decade now, rising to fame on Vine and touring with the famed Magcon group. Her success has spanned over many years, with her 2015 single “Boom” acquiring over a million streams on Spotify and one of her most recent songs, “Take Your Man,” pushing seventeen million. She deems this song her “biggest musical achievement so far.” Her most recent song, “Sike,” is already a success, garnering thousands of streams daily.

Music is in her blood, tracing all the way back to none other than Motown records founder Berry Gordy. And with rapper Sky Blu as her brother and Redfoo as her uncle, she’s certainly in good company. Though Mahogany has such a famed lineage, she has a unique flair of her own too. She’s bold in her music, with raw lyrics overflowing with creativity and confidence that pair perfectly with her glamorous fashion sense. She gives her audience a new take on pop, reworking it with hip hop elements, and how stars should interact with listeners, utilizing social media heavily to interact with and reach fans—which she adorably deems her ‘LOXsmiths.’ She embodies her family legacy while simultaneously creating her own: a fresh, colorful glimpse in the otherwise monotonous pop industry.

Affinity Magazine: First off, before I ask about music, I’d like to know how you’re doing in quarantine. Any new hobbies or Netflix recommendations? 

Mahogany LOX: I’m doing okay in quarantine. My boyfriend and I have binged a WHOLE bunch on Netflix shows like Love Is Blind, The Circle, Tiger King, Ozark and now we are onto 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days! Also, one of my best friends, Zak and I, started a friendly “quarantine competition,” where we create themes for Instagram photos every day from our separate locations, and people can vote for their favorite photo!

Being stuck inside now is a perfect time to write. Are you working on new music?

To be completely honest, it took a little time for me to get adjusted to our new current situation. I’m adjusted now and starting to write. 

How would you describe your current aesthetic?

Bright, Glittery, Loving, Colorful and Sassy!

What are some tips for achieving a bold fashion style?

Hmm, I’d have to say statement pieces! Pieces that stand out on their own are always good to have in your wardrobe and jewelry, of course!

What advice would you give someone to inspire confidence?

Every day, look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment. People are always their biggest critic, so if you are not feeling confident, just focus on your great qualities and always remember…. You are beautiful!!!

Your song “Take Your Man” is often regarded as a confident anthem online. How does being able to empower others on such a large scale make you feel? 

If I can help people find their confidence and be the baddies they are, that would be amazing! 

Your music has gathered millions of streams on Spotify—how does that compare to your recent TikTok fame?

My music has always had a special place in my heart as far back as I can remember. TikTok is absolutely amazing for supporter engagement and creativity. It also supports the music community for visibility and Spotify plays. TikTok has been a dream come true! I really can’t compare the two, they are different but I love them both!

You influence others with your music, but who is your biggest personal influence?

My big brother 8ky for sure! He influences everything I do! 

How has your family’s musical background and history in the industry influenced your goals as a musician? 

 Having a musical family background is a blessing and I definitely feel like it’s made me push myself even harder because I want to be able to make my family proud! 

You’ve mentioned working on projects with your family, such as Sky Blu—do family members make for better collaborators?

I’ve only collaborated with family and close friends who are practically family to me. I’m sure it would also be great working with other people, as long as the creative chemistry is right!

 What’s the most rewarding part about sharing your art with the world? 

The most rewarding part is definitely hearing my LOXSmiths sing my songs at shows. It is such a special feeling; I always cry tears of joy when I hear it. 

Sadly, now is a difficult time to enjoy live music, but are there any plans for a tour soon?

Yes! Hopefully, I will be able to tour later this year. Fingers crossed!

And my final and most difficult question: what’s your favorite song right now?

I’ve really been into DaBaby Lately! He’s been putting out a lot of dope tracks!

Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

Featured courtesy of Mahogany LOX

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