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Portrait of Honeymoon &Co: A Small business approved by Ariana Grande

May 29, 20208 min read

As of May 2020, the pandemic that took the world by storm has not only had a crucial impact on the global safety and health of billions of people but most and foremost on the economy of their societies. Now more than ever, big corporations and companies linked to the multi-billion industry that is the fast-fashion industry, are facing a decline in their sales and in their share of customers; More and more people are seeking to support smaller businesses in order to not only stop partaking into the toxic and destructive effects of fast-fashion but to also help during those tough times. Interested to shine a light to these so-called growing businesses and being myself a very pop-culture inclined person, a brand that mixed those two factors seemed the ideal business to get some insights about the industry. Honeymoon & Co, a brand that has been on multiple occasions displayed by the international pop-star Ariana Grande in her Instagram stories, recently has gained a lot of recognition for their minimalistic and streetwear-inspired clothes and kindly accepted to answer to our questions to get to know them.

Affinity: Hey! Thank you so much for giving us this interview. First of all, can you present yourself and your brand in a few words?

Honeymoon & Co.: Of course! I’m Mark and I founded Honeymoon & Co. in October 2019 as an apparel fashion brand, which has now grown to thousands of new followers in the span of just a few months. I am 18 and I am currently in University studying Media & Marketing. I create all the designs and marketing campaigns, while simultaneously fulfilling orders, and managing the supply chain aspects of the brand. I do this alongside a friend of mine, Mona, who helps me with managing the socials and PR.

A: Can you tell us more about your brand and what drove you to start it?

H: I launched Honeymoon & Co. to fuel my creative passion and love for fashion after years of designing clothing concepts. When I started to notice that my friends, fans of Ariana Grande, were receiving poor quality, rushed designs sold by large corporate-owned merchandise companies, I noticed that there was a gap that had to be filled by a person who could devote their time towards articulating designs that people actually want and love (as a fan myself!). You’ll see that a lot of designs incorporate mental health awareness, self-care, and self-love, and that’s because of my goal to promote the importance of such topics and integrate this into everything I do. I have recently developed @selfawarenessdiary on Instagram, which is an initiative I created with the aim to reduce the stigma of mental health by sharing positive messages about the issue.

A: Pop culture seems to be the main inspiration for your brand, what particular aspect of it inspired you the most?

H: I gather my inspiration from everywhere in the world! However, I would say that Pinterest mood boards, Instagram explore feeds, and vintage posters have definitely played a huge role in the inspiration behind many designs.

A: Do you have fashion influence, people that inspire you?

H: I am obsessed with fashion – I gather influence from Instagram and sites like and other celebrity fan pages who post actively on an array of celebrity fashion, but in terms of a specific person who has inspired me, it would have to be Ariana Grande. Ari [Ariana] has been a major part of my teenage years – she is one of, if not the most genuine people I have ever encountered in my life. Her dedication and hardworking ethic towards her own art form: music, is incredibly inspiring to watch and learn. In fact, she was a major part of the success of my brand! Ari purchased some items herself and shared a piece to her Instagram story, which definitely gave me a huge kick to continue my creative work!

A: How would you describe the clothes that you typically make?

H: My clothes are incredibly comfy at an extremely affordable cost, with very streetwear-inspired designs.

A: How do you feel the Internet has impacted your business?

H: The Internet, along with social media, are the most important components of my business. Instagram is my core marketing tool, allowing me to reach new people every day through the showcase of my designs. Without the Internet, it would be impossible for this brand to exist.

A: What is your creative process like? Do you have any tips that helped you?

H: My creative process involves looking through trends and motifs throughout my personal life, anywhere from my daily browse of the web, to walks by the beach. Inspiration is everywhere, and when I find one, I write down in my notes app possible design ideas. When I’m done with a design, I let it sit there for a few days and see how I feel about moving on forward before producing an item.

A: Where do you see yourself and your business in a few years?

H: I hope to continue what I’m doing but on a larger scale.

A: Do you think the pandemic impacted your brand in any ways?

H: The pandemic, sadly, has impacted my brand’s fulfillment and production times, which have ultimately resulted in lots of delays. It’s so disappointing and incredibly embarrassing when I am unable to ship orders on time but I hope that customers are patient during this difficult time.

A: And finally, what advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business?

H: Don’t give up! As long as you’re passionate about something, you’ll find a way to succeed and figure things out.


Author’s Note: Although my article shined the light on this very talented brand-owner and the business they’re growing, please try if you can, to purchase from your local stores and artisans around you. It will have the best effect on our planet and the victims of the fast-fashion industry all around the world.

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Featured Image provided by Honeymoon & Co.

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