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These Are The Best Places To Get Plus Size Swimwear

June 24, 20172 min read

In the midst of the body positivity movement, a lot of stores are beginning to add “Body Positive” in their marketing, though few of these stores actually a carry body inclusive selection. Rue21 has been one of my personal favorite places to shop over the years. One fabulous thing about this store it is that it is very body-inclusive; women of all sizes can find something nice to wear at a bargain. As a slightly larger person, it can be somewhat hard to find something I can fit into, and even harder to find what I both look and feel great in. It is easy to feel as though everyone is looking at you in a bathing suit. But not only did the sets fit me, they hit me in the right places and made me feel comfortable. Personally, I liked their high waisted sets; I got a tropical print, a coral one, a sporty top  and tribal patterned bottoms. Better yet, they’re all on sale online and in store.

Even Walmart is a great choice if you’re looking for swimsuits, especially one pieces, though I am personally not fond of their two pieces. Besides this, Forever 21 has a few options to choose from. If you have a little more money to spend, Torrid and Lane Bryant (who is currently having a sale) may be the way to go.

Remember this swimsuit season the only thing you need to do to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body. Size 2 and 22 girls also both get insecure sometimes and that’s a-ok.

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