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‘Pretty Little Liars’ – A Rundown Of The Final Finale

June 29, 201710 min read


After 160 episodes, 20 deaths, 7 seasons, and countless questions, the most iconic teen drama and most tweeted about television show of all time ‘Pretty Little Liars’ has finally come to an end. The series finale was given a two-hour time slot on Freeform, and although it was given double the regular screen time, it was simply impossible to answer all of the fans’ questions in one night. However, they did manage to answer the most of the major ones. Here’s a breakdown of the most anticipated ‘Pretty Little Liars’ series finale questions and their answers.

Who is A.D.?

A.D. stands for Alex Drake, Spencer’s psychopathic (and British!) twin.

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What’s her story?

Alex’s central motive was wanting to be Spencer. She was jealous of the unbreakable friendship her sister has with her four best friends and her romance with Toby. There were many other reasons however, like her rough childhood – it was revealed that as a result of her unexpected birth in Radley (following the expected birth of Spencer who was immediately given to an expecting Veronica Hastings), Alex was sold to a couple in Europe, and then disowned because of behavioral issues. Another reason could be her desire to avenge the death of her half-sister Charlotte who she developed a close bond with. Or, it could all just be because she’s just plain crazy.

Who solved the mystery first?

Well, technically, a horse. And Jenna too, who’s still blind.

Alex went to pet one of the Hastings’ horses posing as Spencer, and the horse reacted violently, sensing that it was not being touched by its familiar owner. Soon after, Jenna had an encounter with Alex (posing as Spencer again, of course) and although lacking the sense of sight, still sensed something was up. She then called Toby who alerted the group.

Take that in for a second. A blind girl and a horse knew Alex wasn’t Spencer, but the Liars and Toby (who had sex with “Spencer” twice) had no idea.

Why was Aria crying and saying “I can’t marry Ezra” in the promo?

Aria is revealed to be infertile in the series finale. She knows Ezra is excited about having children with her, so she has been hiding this from him. Right before their wedding rehearsal dinner, it is officially medically confirmed, and she feels guilty for keeping the secret.

What ever happened to Wren?

Wren met Alex Drake by chance at a bar in Europe, immediately assuming she was Spencer. Alex is confused and has no idea what he is talking about, and after a lot of initial confusion, he tells her all about Rosewood and her relatives that she never knew existed. He soon sets up a meeting with Alex and Charlotte for them to meet, and this is how Alex forms a close bond with her half-sister. Alex and Wren begin to date, and often went out on double dates in Europe with Charlotte and Archer Dunhill.

Wren becomes Alex’s accomplice, even shooting her on command to give her an identical Spencer gunshot scar, but Alex simply cannot shake the feeling that he will never see her as the person she is scheming to become – her sister. She kills him (off-screen) because of this and is seen wearing his ashes turned into a diamond eternity stone.

Who is the father of Emily and Alison’s children?

Wren is the father. Alex inseminated Alison with Emily’s eggs and Wren’s sperm because she wanted to preserve the memory of her ex lover. Weird.

How did the rest of Alex’s minions play into her master plot?

Sydney? She was a one-off. She was stealing from a bank and I knew it, but she fit the hoodie. But Jenna, she had my respect. Jenna recruited Noel to look for me because she knew that Charlotte had a sister and that the Carissimi Group was just the tip of the iceberg. Charlotte left me everything.”

– Alex Drake (A.D.)

Did the four ships get their endgames?

Ezra and Aria (Ezria): Yes! Even with Ezra being kidnapped by Alex, a delayed wedding, and the reveal of Aria’s infertility, they finished off the episode together and strong. Mr. Montgomery finally gave Ezra his official blessing, the mothers-in-law had an amusing and adorable dynamic, while the couple decided on adopting their future children.

Hanna and Caleb (Haleb): Yes! These two fought during a large portion of the series finale, and everyone around them saw the tension. Caleb was upset that Hanna was inviting Mona over to stay in their home, and making big decisions without him in general. A few scenes later though, the fans’ favorite husband and wife made up and made out. Hanna says she’s pregnant in her last scene with the girls.

Emily and Alison (Emison): Yes! The couple that has been through the most in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ was ironically given the least amount of problems in this finale – the only one of which being Alison having to propose to a surprise-hating Emily early. (It was still perfect though, Alison. No one is complaining!) They are shown living a peaceful and loving domestic life with their newborn twin daughters Lily and Grace.

Spencer and Toby (Spoby): Yes! Amidst twin drama, scrabble, and limerence, they are finally together. The story of Spoby was left open-ended on screen, but the cast confirmed that Spencer and Toby are happily dating and endgame.

Did Mona get her happy ending as well?

Mona, when going with the team to capture A.D., says she called the police before a man in uniform takes Alex Drake away. In the penultimate scene, she is in France running a doll shop, kissing the same “cop” from that eventful night. She tells him she will be coming to dinner, and as he exits the shop, she takes a staircase below the shop revealing a dollhouse and an underground bunker where Mary and Alex Drake are trapped, sipping tea.

She won the game, and is now the puppetmaster. In Mona’s own twisted way, she really did get her happy ending.

Is there a spin-off in the works?

News of a spin-off is yet to be announced, but in the series finale there are multiple scenes with the new Rosewood High queen Addison and her group of friends. These new girls are reported by fans to be exact personifications of the main characters of PLL book author Sara Shepard’s new book series, The Perfectionists.

And in the last scene of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ ever, the new squad has a scene in which Addison goes missing using the exact same dialogue and similar scenery as the original pilot when Alison went missing.

Of course, not all the series’s questions were answered and not all its plot holes were filled. Whether you liked it or not, it cannot be ignored that Troian Bellisario did a phenomenal job playing both the evil psychopath and the smart heroine. Switching from her typical Spencer voice to a spot-on Cockney accent within seconds, the actress is expected to have a promising career post-PLL.

The show as a whole changed lives with its gripping mysteries, LGBTQ+ representation, and unbreakable character friendships. Regardless of many saying ‘Pretty Little Liars’ was drawn out way too long, it will be most certainly be missed by the millions who tuned in every Tuesday.

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